Johann Elias Ridinger, Tracker

“ He guides and is guided in turn ”

The Tracker

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Ducitur ducit(ur)que vicissim — He guides and is guided in turn. Search hunter (tracker) with leader at long lead, stepping out of the woods into the open. In the reset middle distance before tree scenery stopping royal. On the horizon high steeple. Etching with engraving. (1740.) Inscribed: Ducitur ducitqe vicissim. / I. E. Ridinger inv. del. et sc. A. V. 6 × 9⅛ in (15.3 × 23.3 cm; sheet size 17⅞ × 12⅜ in [45.5 × 31.5 cm]).

Thienemann & Schwarz (vol. I, plate X as reference illustration, see below) 162; Sälzle, facsimile ed. of all drawings for the set …, 1980, pp. 12 f. (variant in the same direction from 1739). – Small tear of ⅝ × ⅛ in (1.5 × 0.2 cm) in the left outer margin 4.5 cm wide and faint margin patina, only the lower right corner a bit more from turning over.

The TITLE SHEET to the 23-sheet set of the REPRESENTATION OF THE FAIR GAME with their tracks and traces added … drawn from nature … Composed and published by Johann Elias Ridinger, painter in Augsburg. In the year 1740 together with the fullpage PRILIMINARY REPORT in its fine large typography (in German) on the back. The print of its headline & initial in red with Sälzle as here not provable presumably an inconsiderate adaptation to the red headlines of Sälzle’s texts.

The AS A WHOLE FRAMING-WORTHY SHEET with the extensive title text in RED & BLACK above and below the instructive picturesque large vignette

Johann Elias Ridinger, Tracker

as the classical par force hunt motif

in varying state as here so far known only from the title page of Ridinger’s personal copy of the set raising chronological questions.

Deviating first by the type area measuring in the height 37.8 cm compared with only c. 35.9-36.7 cm (tolerance variations of technical nature) as standard of first edition copies numbered in print. Then by uniformly shorter commas after “Diligence”, “drawn” and “Ridinger” as well as different ornamental termination of the red double line below the vignette. Besides the line spacing more evenly balanced, what is not only owed to the higher text area, rather especially also to a more careful adjustment of the second print run.

In the second edition (Weigel B, Helbing 328) the title was printed uniformly in black, so also Thienemann page 294.

As said personal copy shows besides the initially autograph numbering of the prints two blatant errors in their detail designation, of which Ridinger corrected only one per engraved little cover sheets while the second one still went unnoticed, also the state of its title page, as documented now by present copy, should

signify the earliest state .

From the proportion of which yet then subsequently would have been departed. Analogous to the missing numbering subsequently realized as flaw it therefore also could be conversely and the title of the personal copy, as then the present one, too, be the final, the perfect version only. The question remains unsettled for now, illustrating likewise the unique charm, especially also for the collector, to dedicate passionate attention to divers marks of state, to pick up their traces, and to follow them like those of a rare game.

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