Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Hare

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Trace of a Hare / * in soft ground. / Fore Leg.* / Fore Leg on Solid Ground / Hind Leg.* / Hind Leg on Solid Ground. Brown hare stopping on the narrow clearing of a dense deciduous forest. Below the picture the life size traces marked in addition specifically for the claws. Etching with engraving. (1740.) Inscribed: 13. / Joh. El. Ridinger inven. delineav. sculps. et excudit Aug. Vindel., otherwise in German as above. 14¾ × 11¾ in (37.4 × 29.8 cm).

REPRESENTATION OF THE FAIR GAME 13. – Thienemann & Schwarz 175; Ridinger catalog Darmstadt (1999), III.25 with illustration; Sälzle, facsimile ed. of all drawings for the set, 1980, pp. 44 f. (dated 1737) & pl. XXIX.

Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Hare

“ On the etched sheet the (single) hare trace (of the preparatory drawing below the picture) is replaced by traces of the hare in soft and on solid ground ” (Sälzle).

That on the separate drawing with the four traces (Sälzle plate XXIX) – as then also transferred onto the early prints still numbered by hand – Ridinger mixed up the foreleg with the hind leg twice by erroneous assignment of the specified symbols x and # is missed by Sälzle. Such a proof figured with Helbing (Ridinger catalog XXXIV; 1900) as lot 356. On the corresponding sheet of Ridinger’s personal copy here of exclusive proofs for sheets 1-20 the master has corrected this oversight by specially engraved little cover sheets as documented as unique here for the first time.

Uniquely beautiful impression of the now correct final state with watermark WANGEN as one of the sturdy laid paper qualities preferred by Ridinger. – Margins above & below 3.1-4.9 cm wide, on the left 1.4, on the right 0.1-0.3 cm margin resp., each in addition to the wide white platemark. – Lower margin far right slightly finger-spotted from turning over, some tiny spots also centrally of the far edge.

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– – – The same as rotogravure postcard by O. Felsing, Charlottenburg (Berlin). C. 1900/20. 5⅜ × 3⅝ in (13.8 × 9.3 cm). – Unused “ARTIST CARD”.

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„ ich wende mich in (obiger) Angelegenheit an Sie als ausgewiesene Johann-Elias-Ridinger-Experten … “

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