“ Symbol of Wisdom and Sympathy …

and Eight Elephants carry the Universe ”

(Meyer’s Convers.-Lex., 4th ed., V, 510/II)

Ridinger, Martin Elias (1731 Augsburg 1780). An Elephant. Female animal to the right, chained at the left fore and right hind leg, “yellowish grey, passing into blackish grey … mighty tusks”. Colored etching with engraving after Johann Elias Grimmel (Memmingen 1703 – Petersburg 1759). Inscribed: ELEPHAS. / Ein Elefant. / Un Elephant. / Familia V. fünf-Hufige. / Joh. El. Grimmel ad viv: del: St. Petersburg. / M. El. Ridinger, Sculps. 8¼ × 12⅜ in (20.9 × 31.4 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 1031. – IN THE RIDINGERS’ ORIGINAL COLORING from the unnumbered Colored Animal Kingdom created since 1754 and concluded finally posthumously not before 1773 (“Complete copies are next to untraceable”, so Weigel, Art Cat., sect. XXVIII, Ridinger Appendix 63a as merely 120-sheet torso, 1857 ! , but also just individual plates quite rarely on the market only, at niemeyer’s currently the one as the others all the same). – Remaining uncolored contrary to the prospectus, a second edition from the plates shortened even under loss of animals and with modified titling and the Ridinger inscription removed, yet now numbered, was published by Engelbrecht/Herzberg in Augsburg 1824/25.

Ridinger, Elephant


after the Memmingen Grimmel (Russian Илья Гриммель) was pupil of J. Fr. Sichelbein there and of J. van Schuppen in Vienna, “where he is ascertainable as participant in the academic prize competitions 1731-37 … Supposedly at the suggestion of his Memmingen local companion Stählin (Peter v. St., Russian legation councilor at The Hague, etching dilettante) … appointed by the Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences as … court painter … to St. Petersburg in 1741, Grimmel worked there since then as much demanded ‘professor for drawing and painting from the living model’” (Th.-B. XV [1922], 50).

On C & I Honig paper as that sturdy Dutch quality paper Ridinger used in line with his preamble to the Principal Colors of Horses

“on account of the fine illumination” for the colored works

“as for this purpose it is the most decent and best”. – Margins on three sides 2-2.5 cm, on the left 4.4 cm wide. – Quite dainty pleat in the left white plate field. In the lower far white plate and adjoining paper field one tiny brown spot and 1⅛ × ⅜ in (3 × 1 cm) brown streak each.

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Ridinger’s Colored Animal Kingdom in Original Coloring

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