Johann Elias Ridinger, Roan darkly booted

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Roan darkly booted. Rouhan Cap de maure. Trotting sprightly to the right beside slanting fence. “The brighter parts light reddish gray, head reddish brown … crest, tail, forehead black” (Th.). Colored etching with engraving. Inscribed: Roth Schim(m)el dunkel gestiefelt. / J. El. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et exc. A. V., otherwise French as above. 7½ × 5⅜ in (19.2 × 13.8 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 927. – IN  THE  RIDINGERS’  ORIGINAL  COLORING  of the first edition of the Principal Colors of Horses, created, drawn and etched/engraved exclusively by Johann Elias, yet published only posthumously 1770 by the sons as the first of Ridinger’s but three originally colored works (“For this he first chose the horses, which as generally known occur in very varying coloring”, Th.; the usual allusions in the trade to only two of these based on the ignorance of the existence of copies of the 2nd edition of the Ten Plates Monkeys, Th. 541-550, intended for coloring). – Remaining uncolored contrary to the prospectus, a second edition with only 40 of the originally 51 plates anymore was published by Engelbrecht/Herzberg in Augsburg 1824/25.

“ … is another kind which is designated with the name of the white horse, that is the roan. Of these there are three kinds … The second (present) kind is much darker (than the first), they have dark brown heads, a blackish stripe across the back up to the end of the croup, are booted black or dark brown, and have black hair: these are very healthy, durable and quite good horses, only that they are subjected to those eye complaints, like the grays, more than other horses, except for the black ”

(Ridinger in the preamble Nature and Characteristics of Horses, according to their Colors, pp. 33 ff., enclosed in copy).

With watermark C & I Honig below fragment of fleur-de-lis arms with beehive pendant as that sturdy Dutch quality paper Ridinger used in line with his preamble

“on  account  of  the  fine  illumination”  for  the  colored  works

“as for this purpose it is the most decent and best”. – Smoke/burn mark in the right top corner still slightly extending into the white plate field as not covered by the mat cut-out. Besides barely interfering little smoke spots in the white plate field and left stitching margin. The right lower corner of the 2.5-4.2 cm wide white margin smudgy from turning over.

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Ridinger’s Principal Colors of Horses in Original Coloring

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A Great Plenitude of Individual Plates

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