Ridinger, Gutting the Hare

Rarely in the Picture — The Gutting of the Hare

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The hare is chased, framed by the hounds and seized, immediately expectorated, those hounds given their right and the hide skinned at home. Hanged onto the mighty trunk of an oak by the picturesque edge of the wood with vista at a parish with steeple towards the right, surrounded by nine attentive, yet mostly dozy hounds. The hunter with finely drawn hunting dagger at the belt, the shotgun with detailed gunlock and sling leant against a boulder. On the ground beside winged game further Master Hare. Etching with engraving. Inscribed: Joh. El. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et exc. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. Sheet size 13¾ × 11 in (35 × 27.8 cm).

Sheet 1 of the pendants complemented by the gutted stag. – Thienemann & Schwarz (vol. I, pl. VI) 99; Weigel XXVIII, Ridinger, 8 A; Nagler 41; Silesian R. collection with Boerner XXXIX, 1788/89 ( “Very rare”, 1885! ); Coppenrath Coll. II, 1457 ( “Very rare”, 1889! ); Reich auf Biehla Coll. 16 (“Rare”, 1894!); George Hamminger Coll. 1539 (“Rare”, 1895!); Schwerdt III, 135; Ortega y Gasset, Meditationen über die Jagd, 1981, ill. p. 87; Ridinger catalog Darmstadt, 1999, V.1 with illustration.

Splendid impression trimmed to/within the platemark with 3 mm white margin around and in the text field not even touching the longest descenders.

The top-arched pendants, distinguished by illustration of both in both Schwarz and Ortega, were missing in Helbing’s 1554-sheet offer of 1900 as well as in Rosenthal’s of 1940 (444 lots).

Offer no. 16,169 / EUR  590. / export price EUR  561. (c. US$ 678.) + shipping

– – – together with the pendant of the gutted stag

Offer no. 16,179 / EUR  998. / export price EUR  948. (c. US$ 1146.) + shipping

– – – The Two Pendants in another copy from an old omnibus volume from the estate of a nobleman on uniform, yet variedly strong laid paper with typographic watermark. – Numbered by old hand above the platemark XI & XII. – The hare sheet partially inked a little too much, the right lower corner of the stag sheet somewhat age spotted. – Margins above & below 4.8-5.4, laterally 1.9-2.8 cm wide, at the left the old stitching edge. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,704 / EUR  1700. / export price EUR  1615. (c. US$ 1952.) + shipping

“ The print arrived and the packaging was wonderful – thank you for your care with this item! The print is lovely … If you ever see any other prints of horses like this, please let me know … ”

“ Hello Jan and thank you for the wonderful email, I do speak German, though … My co-author is German, so if you could send the brochure I am sure that the information will be appreciated and used properly … Again, thank you for the wonderful service and communication, and please keep me in mind if other … horse prints come in ”

(Mrs. K. K. S., April 5 & 13 resp., 2016)


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