Johann Elias Ridinger, Wolf

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). (The Wolf.) In dense forest pressed by nine hounds, one of them finished. Etching with engraving. (1761.) Inscribed: J. E. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et exc. A. V. 11¼ × 9⅞ in (28.7 × 25 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 145. – Sheet 7 of The Fair Game hounded by Various Kinds of the Hounds. – With instructive and detailed caption specifying by name the different races suitable to this. – Silver-toned impression watermarked with cut “Thurneisen” mark as located at Basel and preferably used by Engelbrecht/Herzberg at Augsburg for their editions about 1824. – With wide margins of 5-7.5 cm above and below and 2.3-5 cm for the sides resp.

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also see Hermann Menzler’s lithograph after this sheet

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