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etched  by  Ridinger  himself , too

Ridinger – Roos, Johann Heinrich (Otterberg, Palatinate, 1631 – Frankfort on the Main 1685). The Bull with the Bell. In company with goat and sheeps in front of a ruine. Etching by Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Between 1724 + 1728. Inscribed in the plate: Ioh. Hein. Roos inv. et del. / Elias Ridinger sculpsit Aqua forti. 10½ × 12⅜ in (26.8 × 31.3 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 798; Ridinger Catalog Darmstadt IV.11 with ills. – Compare with the Roos drawing in reverse G,1672 in Augsburg published for the first time in the exhibition catalogue (Master Drawings of German baroque), Augsburg 1987, no. 55 with ills. – Leaf 2 of the second of the four or five resp. Ridinger sets after Roos Th. 797-802 (Reich auf Biehla 167, “Extremely rare”, 1894 ! ) which is the largest of them and “much better than the first”.

Johann Elias Ridinger, Bull with Bell

The  marvelous  print  of  the  Frisch  collection

obviously in an intermediate state after presumed removal of address and numbering in the center. The rough classification of the states as following :

Before all type by analogy to Weigel IX (1840), 10322 and possibly also with Helbing XXXIV (1900), 1391 – With signatures and the address of Wolff heirs together with the imperial privilege on all plates – With signatures and the address of Johann Georg Hertel (Thieme-Becker XVI, 552: ancestor of the Augsburg family of engravers, who later, after having bought a part of J. Wolff’s publishing house, established his own business; still living about 1760) on the first leaf only.

The removal of the type as presumed for the leaf here on a length of well about 13 cm suggests the address of Wolff including the privilege. But its end looks like a date as unknown here for Wolff. In the middle could have been a number as recorded by Schwarz for the Hertel state of no. 797. Nevertheless a copy of the Hertel state traded here the numbering differed and was placed quite below right. Just as the differring of the “J.” H. Roos quoted by Schwarz 800 instead of the usual “I.” as also registered here for Th.-Schwarz 800 displays a variant. As was discussed here in case of Th. 10 of 1723.

With typographic watermark and partly slight facet dirt. – Margin slightly foxing, measuring 6.5-7 cm on three sides and 2.4 cm above. – On the back Frisch’s collector’s stamp (not in Lugt).

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