Johann Elias Ridinger, This Stag of Odd 24 Points

“ This Stag with Splendid Antlers … ”

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). This Stag of Odd 24 Points His Serene Princely Highness the Margrave William Frederick of Brandenburg-Onoltzbach has shot himself in the Gunzenhausen Hunting Ground Sausenhofen Löhlein in a Confirmed Hunt in the Year 1719. From front. Etching with engraving. Late 1730s. Inscribed: 6. / J. E. Ridinger del. sc. et exc. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. Sheet size 14 × 11⅛ in (35.6 × 28.2 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 248. – Sheet 6 of the set of the Most Wondrous Deer concluded 1768. – The original printing plate in the reddish-golden shine of its centuries old copper traded here to Ansbach. Further printing plates of this set and others more available here. – Illustration of the sketch of the antlers of formerly Lanna Collection per Chr. Nebehay 88, 4.

“ This stag with splendid antlers is engraved in rather constrained position so that he turns his whole front to us ” (Th.).

In picturesque landscape of superb light effects in Stubbe’s meaning (Joh. El. Ridinger, 1966, page 16):

“ Naturalness and liveliness which are praised by contemporaries in particular in Ridinger’s engravings are based on many factors which the artist – as with the treatment of light – figured out only in the course of his development, or which he only knew to perfect in his mature period …

Especially the inclusion of light in the structure of the overall design …

imparts to … a graphic composition (just) its dynamic powers … ”

In the manner of the old albums trimmed to the edge of the image, below the text field under predominant loss of the stronger outer line. 8 mm from upper and lower edge trace of folding partially still visible from the front. Little tear lower left in the picture backed acid-freely. – Of rich chiaroscuro.

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– – – The same in marvelous impression playing off its light effects with in addition to the white platemark fine margin on three sides. Only above trimmed partly closely to the white platemark. – See the complete description.

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„ … Übrigens ist Ihr Internetauftritt wirklich überaus interessant, habe ihn unter Favoriten gespeichert und schaue sicher öfters rein “

(Herr J. F., 27. Mai 2013)


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