Johann Elias Ridinger, Aurochs Hunting (European Bison)

“ … yet the Noble Hunt for the … Wild Ox ,

that was Man’s Work ”

(Hermann Löns in The Heathland Hunters)

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). An Aurochs Hunting. Recte it is the European Bison. In releasing bound coming out from the forest expected already by four hounds, of which he has finished already three. But three further ones running after. Toned lithograph by Hermann Menzler printed by A. Renaud for L. J. Heymann in Berlin. (1863-65.) Inscribed: Gez. v. J. H(sic!). Ridinger, lith. v. H. Menzler etc., otherwise in German as above. 12⅜ × 9 in (31.5 × 22.8 cm).

(Joh. El. Ridinger’s Hunting Album) II/3. – Cf. Thienemann 140. – From the “(Album of Interesting Hunt and Group Pictures)” carried as 2nd part. – The whole rare set almost unknown to literature and comprising 80 sheet plus a recently discovered illustrated title of far larger image size (13¾ × 14⅛ in [47.5 × 36 cm]), though practically to be completed just peu à peu. In the pictorial effect corresponding to that of the aquatint technique not used by Ridinger anymore. – On wide-margined light cardboard of impeccable freshness.

Faithfully repeating the action of the 2nd sheet of The Fair Game hounded by Various Kinds of the Hounds, though not arched at top and with varying design of the landscape background. – Especially in regard of this modification

a first degree collection enrichment .

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“ ich habe kuerzlich Ihre web site über die Rugendasfamilie gefunden, welche ich von grosser inhaltlicher Qualität und Interesse finde … ”

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