Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). To make the horse shot-proof. Le cheval d’arquebusade. Rider in box hall (?) with round arches, firing the rifle. Etching + engraving. (1760.) Inscribed: J. E. R. / No. 46., otherwise in German-French as above. 7⅞ × 5⅝ in (20.1 × 14.3 cm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, To make the Horse Shot-proof

Thienemann + Schwarz 692. – Presentation and Description of the School and Campaign Horses by their Lessons XLVI. – Watermark torso of fleur-de-lis. – 3.5-5 cm wide-margined. – The left stitching margin injured from severance incl. of a 3 cm deep repaired tear lower left in the wide white margin. Besides two backed tiny tears in the right outer margin and as a whole somewhat age-marked. The left plate edge somewhat sharply pressed in with following box pleat through the white lower margin. The 2.5 cm long black line at the edge of the wall a plate uncleanness from printing however. – Explained in the text part as follows:

« Le cheval d’arquebusade est bon & pour les Soldats & pour les amateurs de la chasse. Les chevaux de ceux qui prennent des poules & des tireurs à la volaille demontrent, combien on y puisse avancer. »

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