Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, Mary Magdalen
First time
The rosy young woman in contrast with the death’s-head :
Saint Mary Magdalen in Penitence in the Desert

Johann Elias Ridinger, Polar Bear
The White Spitsbergen Greenlandic Bear. L’ours blanc de Groenland

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Boar Hunt
“This is one of the funniest,
but also most dangerous hunts”
The Boar Hunt

Johann Elias Ridinger, Foolish Jealousy
One will envy you :
The Foolish Jealousy after Boucher

Johann Elias Ridinger, Porcupine (original printing plate)
The Porcupine
The original printing plate for Th. 480

Johann Elias Ridinger, Mule from front
The beginning of a decades-long chain :
The 16(?)-year-old Ridinger’s fully valid drawing
Mule from Front

Johann Elias Ridinger, Crane of Oldenburg
“The most beautiful horse he had ever laid eyes upon”
The Crane at Oldenburg in East Frisia
Cheval d’Ostfriesland nomé la Grüe
Favorite horse of Count Anthony Günther of Oldenburg

Johann Elias Ridinger, S. Jerome
The Jerome “Schwarz 1549”
unmasked as doubtful fellow :
S. Jerome as Hermit with hour-glass + death’s-head,
and with the lion of course

Johann Elias Ridinger, Leaping Rhinoceros
First scientific representation of the rhinoceros
RHINOCEROS. Nasehorn. Rhinocerot
Drawn by Ridinger “from life” in Augsburg 1748

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Still without the 3rd hare :
Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Traced & ruddled preparatory drawing in reverse for Th. 45
from the Dr. Edward Peart Collection

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