Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, Smell
“Yet the Rose keeps in Dispute always the Special Price”
The Smell. / Odoratus.

Hermann Menzler, Johann Elias Ridinger's Hunting Album
Documentary Cross-Section of Ridinger’s Œuvre
in Moreover Optically quite Particular-Fine Garb
Hermann Menzler, Johann Elias Ridinger’s Hunting Album

Johann Elias Ridinger, Capercaillie Display
“The Capercaillie is the Noblest among all Wood Birds”
The Capercaillie Display. La Sur prise des Coqs de Bois

Johann Elias Ridinger, Gamba Player
In this rich version an almost-unicum :
The Gamba Player based on a detail by Watteau

Johann Elias Ridinger, DianaJohann Elias Ridinger, Diana
Two undescribed Ridingers
and a bow before our female hunters
Young Huntresses in the Character of Diana

Johann Elias Ridinger, Cautious Prudence overcomes Malice
Cautious Prudence overcomes Malice!

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lions in a Landscape
The Rare Lions in a Landscape of the Rubens Workshop
Tableau de P. P. Rubens. de la Galerie Roïale de Dresde

Johann Elias Ridinger, Cythera Lady
On the islands of love :
The Cythera Lady (“Impudent but yet Gallant”)

Ridinger, An Old Alienated Fox
To capture an old alienated Fox with the Steel Iron

Johann Elias Ridinger, To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot
Not executed in print :
To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot

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The Art Historical Contribution here to the Ridinger Ceremonial Act
at the University for Technology in Dresden

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“ ich habe kuerzlich Ihre web site über die Rugendasfamilie gefunden, welche ich von grosser inhaltlicher Qualität und Interesse finde … ”

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