Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, What a Wickedness
The Sujet with no Equals
What a Wickedness it is the Fox commits here!

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Noble Stag's Age
“…to show his nature and kind the better”
The Noble Stag’s Age

Johann Elias Ridinger, Tiger Horse with Ear-bouquet
“As a Rarity was paid for Very Dearly in 1743”
and instantaneously transferred into copper by Ridinger
This Young Tiger Horse had this Ear-Bouquet of black color
The original printing plate for Th. 280

Johann Elias Ridinger, FountainsJohann Elias Ridinger, Fountains
First time
Complete as in individual sheets “very/exceedingly” rare of old
Ridinger’s set of the Fountains
in the copy Counts Faber-Castell

Johann Elias Ridinger, To whistle the Roe!
Not executed in print :
To whistle the Roe! or How the Roes are shot on the Call

Johann Elias Ridinger, How the Roes are hunted with Hounds
“for the particular pleasure they are also hunted with hounds”
How the Roes are hunted with Hounds

Johann Elias Ridinger, Spring of the Hounds (Drawing)
Splendidly large-sized, splendidly high-graded drawing
and as such exceedingly precious today :
“The Spring of the Hounds”
The pictorial drawing for Th. 105

Andrea Andreani, Triumph of Death
Spectacular Ridinger discovery — “Death’s Arch of Triumph”
Triumph of Death (after Andrea Andreani)
“A pasticcio of iconographic, iconological, and artistic citations”

Johann Elias Ridinger, Black Clouds
“O unjust lightning, how blind is your judgement:
The innocence you find, the vice you don’t see!”
Black clouds darken valley and forest

Johann Elias Ridinger, Alexander the Great's first Passage of the Tigris
First time :
The second of the Alexander plates
with again the boar hound as trademark :
Alexander the Great’s First Passage of the Tigris

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„ die Sendung ist unversehrt … angekommen, vielen Dank. Alle Blätter finden unsere Zustimmung, wir möchten alle erwerben. Ich habe die Rechnung bereits auf den Verwaltungsweg gegeben … “

(Herr R. G., 21. Dezember 2011)


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