Cream of the Day

Johann Laifle, Ridinger-Album with 50 original albumin prints
With two rarest additions to the “Most Wondrous Deer”
Johann Laifle, Ridinger-Album.
A Collection of the Finest and Rarest Deer and Roebuck Abnormities
photographed from the Original Engravings

in 50 albumin prints from 1865
in adequate showcase copy of the Red Series

Johann Elias Ridinger, How the Roes are catched in Nets
The as constructive as painterly sheet
How the Roes are catched in Nets

Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Chamois
Uniquely royal
Trace of a Chamois

Johann Elias Ridinger, St. Francis of Paula
Utterly undescribed 3rd version
as larger-sized variant to Th.-St. 1416
St. Francis of Paula, founder of the “Minims”

Johann Elias Ridinger, To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot
Not executed in print :
To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot

Johann Elias Ridinger, Snub-eared Main Boar
The “Snub-Eared Main Boar” and His Packer
without doubt one of the master’s loveliest sujets
This Snub=Eared Main Boar with cropped Tail which on the left side had the large Tusk broken off and on the right the Tusks grown crosswise …
The original printing plate for Th. 300

Johann Elias Ridinger, Hare with 8 Legs
Baron Münchhausen’s Hare?
Anno 1741. this Hare with 8 Legs and 2 hind Quarters
has been shot in its burrow …

Johann Georg Bergmüller, Johann Elias Ridinger
With a provenance story as beautiful as rare
close to the immortal Beethoven :
IOH. ELIAS RIDINGER Pictor et Scalptor Augustanus

Johann Elias Ridinger, Johann Christoph Thenn
In the undescribed second state :
M. Johann Christoph Thenn of Augsburg
Protestant Parson at St. Ulric

Johann Elias Ridinger, Oryx + Springbok
Well-made Representation of Oryx & Springbok
African Chamois. Bouc bezoardique

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„ ich danke Ihnen sehr, daß Sie sich mit meinem Anliegen so viel Mühe gemacht haben, was ja keinesfalls selbstverständlich ist. Ihre ausführlichen Erläuterungen sind mir als Laien des Kunstmarktes sehr nützlich, wofür ich nochmals danke “

(Herr R. L., 6. Februar 2019)


The Cream of the Day