Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of Marten + Weasel
Stood Model for the “Blue Rider” Franz Marc
Trace of a Marten / Trace of the Weasel

Johann Elias Ridinger, Daniel in the Den of Lions
One of the largest Ridinger drawings :
Daniel in the Den of Lions
as symbolic parable for the Israelites

Johann Elias Ridinger, Letter to Johann Georg Wille
Late Letter unknown to Literature
as Résumé of the Œuvre & Character Sketch
Autograph Letter of June 21, 1765 to Johann Georg Wille

Johann Elias Ridinger, Hare, Buck and Doe
The Hare, a Buck and the Doe reach their Size in the First Year

Johann Elias Ridinger, Saint Ambrose
“One of the most distinguished Fathers of the Church”
and one of the greatest sons of Treves :
S. Ambrose

Johann Elias Ridinger, Vienna Riding School before Old Master Horse Prints (Set of Stamps Czechoslovakia 1969)
Highest & only value in color
The title-sheet of the “New Riding School”
within the 1969 series “Horses”
by the Czechoslovakian postal authority

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Still without the 3rd hare :
Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Traced & ruddled preparatory drawing in reverse for Th. 45
from the Dr. Edward Peart Collection

Johann Elias Ridinger, Departure for Hunting
Departure for Hunting
The opening sheet to as well early as rarest set
whose “Report of the Dog Handler to the ‘Maître D’Équipage’”
served for the décor of a Meissen vase by Johann Joachim Kaendler

Ridinger, Entrance of a Deer Park
The entrance of a Deer Park with two Automatic Doors

Johann Elias Ridinger, LaughingJohann Elias Ridinger, Joy
Now in the sequence intended by Ridinger :
The Human Tempers

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