Johann Elias Ridinger

Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767

Johann Elias Ridinger, He guides and is guided in turn (Tracker)

Representation of the Fair Game

with their Tracks and Traces,
Goings, Get-offs, Turns, Flight,
and other Signs more added … drawn from Life


Currently available copies of the complete series
  1. In proofs before the numbering
    grangerized with an additional worldwide unicum :
    The Lion Copy
    as the deviating AUTHOR’S COPY
  2. The first edition of the final state :
    The Otter Copy with book & printing plate
… as well as individual plates
  1. Ducitur ducit(ur)que vicissim
    (The Tracker — He guides and is guided in turn)
  1. The mark(s) on soft ground are the following …
    (Trace of the Stag)
  2. Trace of a Game or Deer
  3. Trace of the Fallow Deer
  4. Wolf Track
  5. Trace of a Chamois
  6. Trace of a Hare
  7. Trace of a Beaver
  8. Trace of an Otter
  9. Trace of the Wild Tomcat
  10. Trace of a Marten / Trace of the Weasel
  11. Trace of the Polecat / Trace of the Squirrel

Johann Elias Ridinger, Tracks and Traces

“ It came!  My plate [already documented as lost] was delivered and it is in excellent condition. I cannot explain all of the delays or what happened. It is in the original packaging that you described and it was delivered by DHL, not the postal service (as  far as I can tell – it was left on the porch [!!]). So thank you and so glad that this long story has such a nice ending. It was nice dealing with you, thank you for the plate! ”

(Mrs. J. C., May 8, 2010)


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