from  an  omnibus  volume  of  the

estate  of  a  nobleman

22  of  the  46  sheet & 2-sheet  supplement  of  the

Special  Events

and  Incidents  at  the  Hunt

as  the

Johann Elias Ridinger, Stag of 18 Points at Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

“ Rarest  of  all  Ridinger  Sets ”

in etching with engraving by Martin Elias Ridinger (1731 Augsburg 1780) after predominantly his father’s design. (1779.) Inscribed with the Roman numbers ( “If they are missing, so this indicates later impressions”, Th.) & caption of mostly several lines, otherwise as below. On an average c. 13-13¾ × 9⅞-10¼ in (33-35 × 25-26 cm) upright and a few oblong formats.

Literature for complete copies: Thienemann & Schwarz (plates vol. I, XIV & XV) 343-390; Weigel, Art Stock Catalog XXVIII, Ridinger supplement 21 A (possibly Th.’s source); Schwerdt III (1928), 140 ( “The rarest set of Ridinger’s sporting line engravings … From the Baillie-Grohman collection … [Th. 389/90] Bound with the set … to which it is the supplement” ).

The  above  three/four  copies  aside

not  provable  here  as  complete  in  collection  catalogs

the  rarity  of  the  suite  was  inevitable :

Posthumously  transferred  into  the  copper  by  the  eldest

and  finished  1779 , Martin Elias  died  already  one  year  later ,

followed  only  four  years  later  by  the  younger  brother , Johann Jacob .

And already on occasion of the comprehensive 1824/25 new editions by the meanwhile Engelbrecht-Herzberg joint venture only 14 and 16 (Th. 389/90) resp. engravings of present set could be offered for subscription anymore. For then again further new edition from about the mid-1850s 19 and 21 of the plates resp. were available. Seven of the same finally came into the possession here, of which presently three are still available (to Th. 356 & 363/64).

After the passing through here more recently of the 45-sheet – the missing 46th could be supplied subsequently meanwhile – supposedly second copy of Baron von Gutmann’s (Schwarz) as part of his Marjoribanks Folios and the 36-sheet stock of the collection Von Behr of the House of Stellichte present block of a further old nobleman’s estate enables niemeyer’s now for the third time to serve a remarkably compact group.

With copies of conceivably fine , wide-margined old impressions of mostly warm tonedness on strong, mostly sturdy laid paper – correspondingly deviating somewhat lighter sheet XVII – of unifom paper format of c. 18⅜ × 13 in (46.7 × 33 cm) with partly still both the tiny stitching holes in the upper margin. – Mostly typographic watermarks.

In such a manner quite presentable, here then the meager result of torsi research here :

Late 18th cent.: Pembroke Folios = 2 sheet. – 1885: Silesian Ridinger collection at Boerner XXXIX = 34 sheet, 14 of which “new impressions”, & suppl. 389/90 in varied preservation. – 1889/90: Coppenrath Collection = 33 sheet & suppl. Th. 389/90, “mostly with wide margins”. – 1894: Reich auf Biehla = 39 sheet, one of which “Newer impression” & suppl. Th. 389/90. – 1895: Georg Hamminger = 44 sheet &suppl. Th. 389/90 (“Excellent and very fine impressions [but only] mostly with wide margin , some sheets with text only and mounted”). – 1900: Cat. Helbing XXXIV, (Works by Joh. El. & M. El. Ridinger) = 43 sheet of varied preservation & suppl. Th. 389/90. – 1928: Cat. Halle 68, Plate Works des XVIIth & XVIIIth Centuries. = 28 sheet, of which only “12 with full margins and fine”. – 1958: Counts Faber-Castell = 3 sheet.

Yet how varied their number & preservation, so much in unison the general rating as

“ Rare — Very Rare — Extremely Rare ”.

“ The plates are very different in form, size and content , but set up almost throughout

that  always  two  by  two

harmonize  with  each  other  and  form  pendants ,

just  as  they  have  been  sold  in  pairs  then , too ” (Thienemann).


Up  it  goes  now  as  follows :

Johann Elias Rdinger, The Poor Hare

Th. 346 / III. – The poor hare falls to the sun-shy owl’s and this to the hunter’s barrel /: A rare case!:/. share. // He who suppresses weaker ones should not rejoice too much. For quite easily a stronger one comes over him, too. – Joh. El. Ridinger inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger sculps. Aug. Vind. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,705 / EUR  870. / export price EUR  827. (c. US$ 1000.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Poor Hare

Th. 348 / V. – Picture unit of a 3-fold food chain – The poor Hare in his ultimate plight Puts to death two enemies, which had chased him at the same time. The eagle swoops down on him and the very same minute the male wildcat, which also waited for, seizes him by the throat. Yet a hunter comes along by chance, Kills the victor and has the three of them. – Joh. El. Ridinger inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger Sculps. Aug. Vind. – Picture arched at top. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,706 / EUR  790. / export price EUR  751. (c. US$ 908.) + shipping

– – – The same with narrower margins and also not so perfectly preserved from other estate. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 14,122 / EUR  706. / export price EUR  671. (c. US$ 811.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, Black Clouds darken Valley and Forest

Th. 349 / VI. – Black clouds darken valley and forest Which always resounds from the thunder’s roar. The lightning’s red glow ghastly leads back and forth And fells a poor couple of frightened animals (deer). O unjust lightning, how blind is your judgement: The innocence you find, the vice you don’t see! – Joh. El. Ridinger inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger Sculps. Aug. Vind. – Picture arched at top. – Faint little brown spot at the paper’s upper edge. – Very  rare  scenery , adequately  marvellous  in  its  lightning  chiaroscuro . – Missing 1900 in the 43-sheet Helbing stock. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,707 / EUR  970. / export price EUR  922. (c. US$ 1115.) + shipping

Th. 350/351 / VII/VIII. – With site Western Pomerania-Stettin & Brunswick perpetrator profile – These Stags No. 1 and No. 2„ so had but one quite well grown antler the former on the left, the other on the right side, yet in the opposite antler were deficient and abnormal – have His Highness Augustus  William  Duke  of Brunswick Bevern (Brunswick 1715 – Stettin 1781; general of Frederick the Great) – the former in the Lörsisch Heath in the year 1759„ the other in the year 1750 in the Royal Prussian Anterior Pomerania in the Falchenwald Forest stalked himself. the No. 3„ so likewise quite strange in the year 1759 in the Mützzelburg hunting ground ditto shot„ And the No. 4 So on one side with just one point, yet on the other with its points grown back and forth one has found dead near Old Stettin. – Martin Elias Ridinger sculp.

Martin Elias Ridinger, These RoebucksMartin Elias Ridinger, These Stags

These Roe Bucks so also show of rare growth of nature and in their kind have a lot variation and pretty, likewise By His Ducal Highness Augustus William Sir Duke of Brunswick Bevern. The No. 1. So like a crown and shows in the center a unified grown protruding little antler, was shot in the Royal Farther Pomeranian Mühlenbeck Forest  hunting ground = The No. 2. in Anterior Pomerania in the high  noble  Stoltzenburg  Heath in the year. The one with antlers standing up and down No. 3. yet shot some years before, in the Stettin  Oder  Fen  called  the  black  place. and finally also the No. 4. So was extra strong and large, and showed up to 13 points, of which four were also grown backwards quite below at the crown, was stalked by high hand in Farther Pomerania in the  Hochkrug  hunting ground. – Mart. El. Ridinger Sc.

Located most northerly and both locally and with respect to the potentate single ones each in the about 1600-sheet œuvre . – One  of  the  thematically  most  beautifully  harmonized  pendants  of  the  set . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,708 / EUR  1780. / export price EUR  1691. (c. US$ 2044.) + shipping

Th. 352 / IX.The 24 Septr. in the year 1763: His Highness the now governing Prince of HOHENLOHE=NEUENSTEIN LOUIS FREDERICK CHARLES has shot this stag of 18 points on the great Gerlach’s=Home=Meadow, in the forest called Rosbach, dead on the spot. – G(eorg) A(dam) Eger (1727 Murrhardt 1808, hunt painter at the court of Hesse-Darmstadt and after the decease of Louis VIII there active in Hohenlohe, otherwise supposedly already since his days in Augsburg closely acquainted with the Ridingers, especially with Martin Elias) pinx. / M. E. Ridinger, Sculps.

Offer no. 15,709 / sold

Th. 353 / X. – CHARLES FREDERICK PRINCE OF HOHENZOLLERN SIGMARINGEN shoots this stag of odd 18 points in the Fürstenbüchen Faulbronn forest 30. 7brs. 1773. (sic!) so weighing complete 375. ℔ gutted 296 ℔ the ℔ à 40 lot. – Joh. El. Ridinger del. / M. E. Ridinger sculps. Aug. Vind. – The white far edge unessentially fox spotted.

Offer no. 15,710 / sold

Antlers  Design —

A  Ridingeriana  Rarity  of  Degree

– – – Head & antlers along with indicated neck as to the present opinon here the antlers design for aforesaid etching Th. 353 / X sent to the Ridingers by the princely court. Pencil drawing (c. 7⅛ × 5¼ in [180 × 135 mm]). (1773.) Inscribed in bister in German: Charles Frederick Prince of HohenzollernSigmaringen shoots this Stag Of odd 18 points in the fürstenbüchen faulbronnerforsts the 30th September 1773 so weighed whole 375 ℔ eviscerated 296 ℔ the ℔ á 40 lot. 14¼ × 8⅝ in (361 × 220 mm).

Stag of Odd 18 Points (detail drawing)Stag of Odd 18 Points (detail etching)
left: the princely antlers design; right: the antlers in Ridinger’s etching (detail each)

In analogy to the print by later other hand the addition in pencil above X: and below the double inscription of Johann Elias & Martin Elias now utterly unfit for the drawing. As optically impeding the following note in the lower margin “this one wants all by itself” was folded down. – The state of preservation follows the procedure

with  the  utter  charm  of  an  autograph  unicum

with certain fox and age spotting of especially the lower margin and perceiving on the back as well as slight pleats far left of the upper half outside the antlers. An item thus not just for the portfolio, rather also and indeed

in  the  interaction  of  drawing & texts

for  very  appealing  hanging

outside bright incidence of light. Documenting the courses of the becoming of an engraving, here then by the specialist address of not just its century in general. And in such a manner of quite particular rarity, see at the outset. – From other estate. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,853 / EUR  1380. / export price EUR  1311. (c. US$ 1585.) + shipping

Th. 356 / XIII. – This Stag of 14 points, which still had a point below the pedicle, so a 3 Legger, and which one has seen running about in this form 1 whole year, has been shot by His High Princely Highness the governing Sir Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt 1748. the 12 7brs. in the forest windhaußen  in the Kriegel Kopf near meiches in those Loggen in a setup. by which chance he has lost his foot? assumedly no one will guess right away. has it been by a shot ages ago or has he broken it off on a jump. and how the creature has healed itself so specially and the other body parted from the corpse, which human may help himself that well or cure.

Ditto at Geißlingen (between Stuttgart + Ulm) in 1739 the 20th Decbr. this represented fawn with three legs by has been shot, by Joh. Martin Bückle, forest ranger at Amstetten. so by nature’s miraculous fancy, and only the trace of one claw at the thorax. Besides a second calf with lamed forelegs. All in an extensive park in front of a plateau with stoop and large fountain. Printing-plate in reverse. 14 × 10½ in (35.7 × 26.8 cm).

To Thienemann 356 as sheet XIII (illustration of this in Ridinger Catalog Darmstadt, 1999, V.21). – Without the Roman number according to the denumeration on occasion of Engelbrecht’s new impressions about 1824, in the current state here with Arab no. 91 as characteristics of its use by substitution in a later new edition of the Wondrous and therefore classic proof of ideal nature of the set of the Incidents as “a kind of sequel (to the set) of the ‘Most Wondrous Deer’, … (since containing) besides true ‘special incidents …

also  representations  of  zoological  peculiarities

similar to the ‘Most Wondrous Deer’” (Stefan Morét).

In short, artistically as thematically especially rare and missing also in Siebert-Weitz, Ridinger – Bilder zur Jagd in Hessen-Darmstadt, 1999! – From other estate.

Ref. no. 14,984 / in stock – not cataloged / request description & offer

The  Pair  XIV. / XV.

Johann Elias Ridinger, A Wicked Enemy

Optical  Dramatics  —  Sheet-lightning  Dazzling

Th. 357/358 / XIV./XV. – A wicked enemy has here frightened the wild goose; She was hidden with her breed in secure reed. She believed herself quite free of all surprise; But the polecat knows to be after her secretly. He attacks her boldly, does not hear her screams, His hunger is satisfied; he is happy besides. – Joh. El. Ridinger, inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger, sculps. A.V. – Margin with tiny fox spots.

The optical drama of the of the converse reed sheafs in the sense of Stubbe, Ridinger, 1966, pp. 16 f. & pl. 34, on Th. 722 as a graphical-artistic zenith.

Johann Elias Ridinger, Wicked is the He-Cat's Trick

Wicked is the he-cat’s trick; he waylays his prey With eyes full of thirst for poor animals’ blood; By his rage he lays a lot into the dust; Here the heron’s blood puts out the heavily heated glow. The good poor man with his virtue has to make way For the Mighty and Rich time and again. – Ioh. El. Ridinger, inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger, sculps. A.V. – Subjects arched at top. – With only 11⅛ × 10½ in (28.2 × 26.8 cm) deviatingly somewhat smaller. – Sheet-lightningly  dazzling  the  reeds  here  to  the  furioso  of  the  happening . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,819 / EUR  1680. / export price EUR  1596. (c. US$ 1929.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, Refreshment during the Hunt

Th. 360 / XVII. – A clear spring often is the wanderer’s treat, Which he looks for at summertime with hot eyes; And so it frequently also provides refreshment to the exhausted hunter, Who sometimes curses at his luck and hunt; When in wood and field and in the hottest days he has to bear patiently heat, dust, and fear. / Grown quite hot by hunting and exhausted by running Master and hound refresh themselves in stretched out rest; So that both then when they have quite finished resting Invigorated by new strength get ready to, Not by the feeling of pity; by hunting and capturing Of the poor animals gain fame and honor – Ioh. El. Ridinger, inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger, sculps. A.V. – Two sceneries below each other. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,713 / EUR  730. / export price EUR  694. (c. US$ 839.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, American Bison

“ … the  Domestic  Animal
of  the  American  Indians  so  to  speak ”

( Meyers Konversations-Lexikon )

Th. 361 / XVIII. – An American Bison as he fights off the attacking Bears. – Ioh. El. Ridinger; inv. et del. / M. El. Ridinger, sc. A.V. – Oblong. – Cut old number in bistre in the left lower corner.

Offer no. 15,714 / sold

– – – A new copy from other estate in with 14¼ × 21¼ in (36.3 × 54 cm) sheet size extremely wide-margined impression on laid paper uncut on three sides with typographic watermark and with the Roman numbering. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 16,103 / EUR  1176. / export price EUR  1117. (c. US$ 1350.) + shipping

“ this  magnificent , unique  game …

regarded  by  connoisseurs  as

the  most  stately , most  noble  game . ”

And  thematically  as  materially

Pearls  in  the  Haystack  of  the  Master’s  Stags .

Th. 363/364 / XX/XXI. – The Ibex is startled by a Lynx’s Cunning, By which was pursued here secretly; Yet agility, which is quite particular to him, Frees and saves him from menacing danger. / The Bad Cunning Lynx receives its Deserts; it feels pain and death. The ibex gets quits with his foe with scorn; His fury is soothed and this moans in agony. Pendants. Printing plates in reverse. 13½-14 × 9⅞ in (34.3-35.5 × 25.2 cm).

To Thienemann 363/64. – Pair XX/XXI. – Without the Roman number in correspondence with the denumeration on occasion of Engelbrecht’s new impressions about 1824.

Marvelous here first of all the thrilling breakneck leap flight of the ibex, instructive then its getting even with the foe: “lying under him, (he presses) with his strong horns its neck asunder at a rock.” – From other estate.

Ref. no. 14,979 / in stock – not cataloged / request description & offer

Martin Elias Ridinger, What a Wickedness

Th. 365 / XXII. – What a Wickedness it is the fox commits here! With sly cunning he chases innocent birds. And so have you, o! Man, also saddened your God, Who by the animals’ prey leads you on His revenge. – Ridinger; sculps. – Climbing entrance steps he just brings the Christmas goose yet . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,715 / EUR  808. / export price EUR  768. (c. US$ 928.) + shipping

Martin Elias Ridinger, Also the Birds' Rage

Th. 366 / XXIII. – Yet – also the birds’ rage is revenged on their enemies, They swoop down on them and spray blood and death / Also on innocents – They share with the friends The prey they made and scoff at their plight. Two bearded vultures, plunging the chamois to his death. – Ridinger, sculps. – Also  sujetwise  very  rare . – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,716 / EUR  870. / export price EUR  827. (c. US$ 1000.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, Ostrich and Wolf

Th. 369 / XXVI. – How wonderfully nature shares the gifts; To one she gives cunning, to the other fugitiveness: The wolf received the cunning; to refresh his thirst With other animals’ blood – Yet agility is not wanting an ostrich either. And many times he succeeds in, Though he is indeed big and heavy, to flee the enemies’ wrath. – Joh. El. Ridinger inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger, sculps. A. V. – Picture arched at top. – The plumage partially a little over-inked. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,717 / EUR  690. / export price EUR  656. (c. US$ 793.) + shipping

Johann Elias Ridinger, Casuar and Lynx

Th. 370 / XXVII. – Brought into plight and fear here the Casuar stands, The lynxes threaten him with death and destruction He takes on without fear and defies the danger; For he knows his might – But not the enemies’ partiality; To subsist their life on the prey of other animals. So innocent blood has to get cold by wild wrath. – Joh. El. Ridinger inv. et del. / Mart. El. Ridinger, sculps. A.V. – Picture arched at top. – Plumage over inked. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,718 / EUR  590. / export price EUR  561. (c. US$ 678.) + shipping

Th. 369/370 / XXVI/XXVII – The same as pair from other estate. – Without the over-inking. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 14,123 / EUR  1380. / export price EUR  1311. (c. US$ 1585.) + shipping

“ Here  a  Couple  of  the  Beautiful  Axis  Deer … ”

Th. 372 / XXIX. – On this sheet are presented a couple illustrations Asian deer, which are strange to look at for Their regular kind of spots, Their basic color is reddish brown across the back furnished with a dark stripe, their antlers blackish also with increased age yellowish, very sturdy and also have 8 to 10 points, not as big as the fallow deer of our parts are, They have, however, many things in common with these and our wild deer, also propagate their kind in Europe, therefore they are also kept by grandseigneurs in pleasure gardens, for difference and according to the country’s habits one uses to call the stag the Axis buck and ditto deer, have drawn such from life in 1774 – M. E. Ridinger, sc. A.V.

Martin Elias Ridinger, Axis Deer

“Here a couple of the beautiful axis deer … tamed in a park … Ridinger, the father, would have represented them differently” (Th.). Yet Helbing – XXXIV, 888:  EXTREMELY  RARE (1900) – graded it among his 43

with  50  German  gold  mark  and  by  this

with  great  distance  to  the  gross  of  the  others .

Rare  representation . – Martin Elias might have seen the axis all the more in a Hohenlohe park as Georg Adam Eger, acquainted to him already from the latter’s days in Darmstadt, seems to have been in service there during the 70s (cf. above sheet IX). Stag & deer of an axis are to be found, too, on Willem Frederick van Royen’s fine Berlin oil The Menagerie of Elector Frederick III of Brandenburg of 1697 at the Hunting Seat Grunewald (for ill. cf. Bol, Holländische Maler des 17. Jhdts., 1969, pp. 289 f.).

Marvellous  then  here  in  their  chiaroscuro .

See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,719 / EUR  1500. / export price EUR  1425. (c. US$ 1723.) + shipping

Th. 374 / XXXI. – In the Tÿrol at the Lake Inn (Lake Wild-See near Seefeld?) it happened as I as forest keeper there took a walk early in the morning that I encountered a so-called white-tailed eagle (cormorant) with its young ones of which in this moment a large bird of prey tried to take a young one, and took away indeed. – M. E. Ridinger. sc: A.V. – Oblong.

Martin Elias Ridinger, In the Tÿrol at Lake Inn

“Behind an old willow the forest keeper with cane and water hound eavesdrops the strange sight. Coarse work” , so Thienemann, but  for Helbing likewise 50  gold mark spectacle . And indeed

thematically  very  fine  and  localy  very  rare .

See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,720 / EUR  1100. / export price EUR  1045. (c. US$ 1263.) + shipping

– – – The same from other estate , margins less wide. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 14,652 / EUR  946. / export price EUR  899. (c. US$ 1087.) + shipping

Martin Elias Ridinger, In the Lake Ammergau in Bavaria

With  80  Gold  Mark  at  Helbing

the  Second-Highest  graded  Sheet  of  the  Set

Th. 375 / XXXII. – In the Lake Ammergau in Bavaria, so a huntsman told me likewise, that as he aimed at a wild swan (whooper swan?) unexpectedly before he knew it also an especially big (white-tailed) eagle flew so to speak into the shot that he hit this and the other bird together. – M. E. Ridinger. sc: A.V. – “A hunter (with his hound) lying hidden at the lake …

and  he  kills  them  both  by  a  master  shot .”

Oblong. – Likewise thematically just as fine as locally rare. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,721 / EUR  1500. / export price EUR  1425. (c. US$ 1723.) + shipping

World  World  —  Oh  Oh

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Foxes fetched a Banquet in the Hen-HouseJohann Elias Ridinger, The Night Owls consumed a Poor Little Hare

Th. 376/377 / XXXIII./XXXIIII. – The foxes fetched a banquet in the hen-house, yet at once dogs were set on them, and thus it is about feathers so about hairs. World World – All worthy bachelors are also troublesome to the belles, yet the latter in their turn to the former often also dangerous. – Joh. El. Ridinger. del: et invin: 1753. / M. E. Ridinger. Filio suo. sp. 1777. – “… Yet how the maidens and bachelors fit here Ridinger may know.” – The night owls consumed a poor little hare, so soon cats come along, too, and liked to take them together with the hare, there it is about hairs so about feathers. Oh Oh = There is no end to robbery and murder, and so outrage becomes the third sin. – Joh. El. Ridinger. del: et inv: 1753. / M. El. Ridinger. Filio suo. 1777. – “An eagle owl, sitting on a captured Hare … Above a second owl is about to fly down to prevent the prey.” – Sujetwise rare . – Subjects arched at top. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,820 / EUR  1780. / export price EUR  1691. (c. US$ 2044.) + shipping

Th. 378 / XXXV. – How wisely God has allotted the gifts! The birds in the air, the animals on earth And many other animals, which are in the swamps, are quite worthy to be looked at, he who lingers at it Has enough to think about or to make verses. The one lives in the mire, the other in the air; A third one nourishes the field – and yet – how wonderful? Some are in the air and on the ground at the same time, Even in the water besides – o! how creative is God? how wonderful and how true! Who will find the wisdom To fathom the limits of any animal infallibly? – Thoughts by  Hr. C. J. Christoff. / M. El. Ridinger. sp. et exc: A.V.

Offer no. 15,724 / sold

The  extremely  rare …

Martin Elias Ridinger, Chameleons and Lizard

at  50  German  Gold  Mark  at  Helbing

Th. 379 / XXXVI. – That God is quite marvelous in all his works The chameleon shows; for by nature it is adorned so marvelously that it takes on the smallest trace Of the colors, so that they are to be noticed intensely On its body just as in a mirror: So God expresses his power, his divine true seal Into his creation. Who will go even further Will see the same glory in other animals From eggs become an animal one names lizard; And that runs with fugitive foot over the lea. Insects of all kind are its favorite dish: It lives by others’ death and yet lives to praise God! – Thoughts by  Hr. C. J. Christoff. / M. El. Ridinger. sp. et exc. A.V. – Nothing but amphibians – above two chameleons on tree twigs, one catching a fly; below fine perennials, on these the common green lizard, a Silver-studded Blue in the mouth. – The hatching of the sky upper right somewhat omitting, otherwise of marvellous chiaroscuro. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 15,725 / EUR  1300. / export price EUR  1235. (c. US$ 1493.) + shipping

Thienemann  “ now  proceeds  to  the  description  of  two  plates , which could be reckoned very well to the previous collection and would not be a disgrace to it. They are mentioned together in the records and also belong together”:


Johann Elias Ridinger, Ducks and He-CatJohann Elias Ridinger, Wild Ducks and Fox

Th. 389/390 / Supplements I/II. – It is indeed nowhere peace in life The ducks bathe. The tom-cat comes along. The joy is disturbed. For this murderer’s claws Can’t be trusted not in water, not in the air. They fly off thusly. The old one pities me, With her young breed. It is not about herself. Yet where shall she go with her tender children. Which hinder her both in the pond, as in the flight. One sees from her face the mother’s frights. A man, who can portray passion in the game that way. Must have a high mind adorned with poetic talents And for helpmate, have Ridinger’s chisel (bold type/spacing not in the original). – Johan(n) El. Ridinger inv. et del. 1762. / Martin El. Ridinger sculps. 1770. Aug. Vind.

The wild duck (i. a. Northern Shoveler drake) is for a grandseigneur Not just for amusement. The fox also hunts for it with pleasure. How cunningly the thief lies on that boulder, As if he rests quite gently, and yet never turns his looks from the prey, if luck would not have it, That a duck might fly too close to him. Meanwhile it becomes noisy in the wet duck realm. The predator (recte two of them) is discovered on the bank of the pond. Immediately all take to the wings. This dives for fright, this flees, That Die jene schon die Lufft in voller Flucht durchzieht. The whole mire resounds from the loud flap of the wings. Noises in the reeds and hubub chatter. – Johan(n) El. Ridinger inv. et del. 1762. / Martin El. Ridinger sculps. 1770. Aug. Vind.

Cf. the drawings in reverse previously in the collection W. P. Knowles, Rotterdam and Wiesbaden (Lugt 2643), in Augsburg, Ridinger Exhibition Catalog 1967, nos. 72 f. and Biedermann, Meisterzeichnungen des deutschen Barock, 1987, nos. 164 f. with full-page illustrations. There both the two copper printing plates, too, previously in Ridinger Catalog Niemeyer, 1998, no. 52 with color ills.

Impression before removal of signature and the 12-lined caption by Brockes as otherwise here also not become known hitherto yet. On the printing-plates passed through here both were found ground out for unknown reason and with leaving behind of clear traces; thus in parallel to Th. 91, but in a reversed situation. – See the complete description.

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– – – The same from other estate , less wide-margined. – See the complete description.

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“ I have received the copy of Schoenberg’s Harmonielehre … I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much for your help ”

(Mrs. C. C., March 7, 2003)


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