Johann Elias Ridinger

Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767

New (or Vienna) Riding School
presenting an Accomplished Rider
in all Lessons


Currently available individual plates
  1. Le Nouveau Manege representant Un homme de Cheval parfait dans tous ses Exercices
    New Riding School representing an Accomplished Rider in all Lessons
  2. Reculer à la muraille.
    Das zuruck gehen an der Wand.
  3. Redopp terre a terre à gauche à la muraille.
    Redop left at the Wall.

“ The prints arrived safely. What is your return policy? My boss, doesn’t like the images, which I understand is subjective (– probably in reaction on the 11th September –) and no reflection on the condition or any representations you made. Sorry to bother you with this ”

(Mrs. A. P., September 26, 2001)


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