Johann Elias Ridinger, Ways to trap the Wild Animals (Title)

Johann Elias Ridinger

Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767

The Ways to trap the Wild Animals


Currently available individual plates
  1. Representations designed from Nature How all Big and Small Game, along with the Winged Game is trapped alive or dead in various manner with Reason Artifice and Force!
  2. How the High Game is stalked by sneaking on the Pasture
  3. The entrance of a Deer Park with two Automatic Doors
  4. How the Deer are stalked in a Deer Park
  5. The Stag caught in the Turn-iron
  6. Spring-Gun on a Bear
  7. The Elevated Shooting Cabin at a Bear Garden
  8. Turnpike set up for a Lynx!
  9. Drilling Pike for a wild Cat or Marten
  10. How the Wolf is brought onto the disc by the Duck and catched in the Pit
  11. The Wolf in the Iron Trap
  12. Plank Trap for a Fox on the Pit
  13. Break Trap set for a Fox
  14. How to capture a Fox or Badger with the Wire Snare
  15. How the Foxes are baited, captured and stalked
  16. To capture an old alienated Fox with the Steel Iron
  17. The Badger captured with the Turnpike
  18. Compulsory Trap before the Earth of a Badger
  19. An Otter in the Trap and the Steel Iron
  20. How the Capercaillies are shot before the Capercaillie dog or Yapper
  21. How the Partridges are captured with the Net
  22. Crow Magpie and Raven Lodge!

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