From  the  Largest

of  the  Augsburg  Dressages & Schools

Rugendas I, Georg Philipp (1666 Augsburg 1742). The Gallop. Young horse in full gallop at the longe. Not least thanks to threatening chambrière. Embedded in and before further actions. Mezzotint. Inscribed: Georg Philipp Rugendas Pict. invent. del. fec. et exc. Aug. Vind. otherwise as below. 19¼ × 26½ in (49 × 67.3 cm).

Teuscher 125 + ills.; Stillfried 362. – Leaf 8 of the 12-sheet (or 3 à 4 sheet resp.) Horse Dressage T. 118-129. – Not in Nagler. – With caption in Latin + German:

Acer equus juvenis per plana, per aspera callis
Cursum continuans, arte regente, volat;
Quadrupedante solum sonitu sic percutit ardens
metu vecti ne cadat, aut titubet.

Here the young horse learns galloping in due style,
And in firm run to continue its journey,
When over hedge and ditch it must pass,
By reliable jump it gets the prize anytime.

Deviations against Teuscher supposed as slips in quoting due to deadline pressure there:

In the third German line here a “u(nd).” dissolved by top dash + “als dann” instead of “u.” + “alsdann” there.

With surrounding margins of 1,5-2.4 cm. – Of fine general impression determined by bright chiaroscuro as especially remarkable for mezzotints as their plate – so the contemporary expert Sandrart – allows just 50-60 really good impressions. – The left platemark squeezed through and backed. Smoothed creasing not noticeable from the front. Likewise not closed box pleat in the lower left field, already outside of the scenery. Far lower right missing spot disposed of by strengthening and retouching.

Extremely rare, the leaves of this set are missing, i. a., within the c. 27,600 lots of Weigel’s Art Stock Catalog, parts I-XXVIII, 1838-1857, the Bibliotheca Hippologica I. H. Anderhub with rarities like Ridinger’s Riding School in Imperial Oblong dissolved in 1963, and the Sarasin Collection (1999). The copy here

after  decades  in  the  generous  ambience  on  the  wall  of  a  connoisseur

now  on  the  market  again  for  the  first  time .

Who granted the wonderful plates of this set with their marvelous horses the place which already 125 years ago Wilhelm Schmidt summing up in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie assigned to Rugendas:

“ Doubtless, set into better circumstances, e.g. living in the Netherlands about 1650, (the elder Georg Philipp Rugendas) would have become an artist who

would  have  surpassed  all  his  horse  and  battle  competitors . ”

Offer no. 28,162 / EUR  1995. / export price EUR  1895. (c. US$ 2291.) + shipping

Also see plate 7 of this set
and plate 2 of the riding school Teuscher 68-75

“ I have received the copy of Schoenberg’s Harmonielehre … I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much for your help ”

(Mrs. C. C., March 7, 2003)