Georg Philipp Rugendas I, Before the Battle

Rugendas I, Georg Philipp (1666 Augsburg 1742). Before the Battle. In the foreground two unlimbered cannons with two piece hands, balls and loading equipment as well as an officer just galloping up. Left of this three horsemen, on the right, likewise slightly set back, mounted troop whose leading officer points to the horizon with his sword where several parts of troops take place. Etching by Georg Conrad Bodenehr (1663 Augsburg 1710). Inscribed: Georg Phil. Rugendas del. / Cum Privil. Sac. C. Maj. / Ieremias Wolff exc. Aug. V. / G. C. Bodenehr Sculps. / A 9. 4¾ × 6¼ in (12.2 × 15.8 cm).

HORSEMEN AND BATTLES , set A, 9. – Teuscher 178 (On the Gun Emplacement), I (of II, recte III: a later edition was published, probably in the 1820s, at the same place at Herzberg, see T. 169) with illustration; Stillfried 58. – Marvelous impression with margins 3.9-4.8 cm wide of the J. H. Anderhub Collection before Ridinger’s address and the cancellation of the number by this (Schwarz XXIX in the erroneous assumption of a first state before the number). – Watermark torso. – Equilateral pen and ink drawing with grey wash in the Albertina.

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