Bergmüller, Georg Philipp Rugendas I
Johann Georg Bergmüller
Georgivs Phillippvs Rvgendas Avgvstanvs

200 Years Augsburg Artist Dynasty

1666 Augsburg 1742


Augsburg 1802 – Weilheim/Teck 1858

Georg Philipp Rugendas II, Hunting Luck
Graphic unicum determined by the softness of its brush technique
Georg Philipp Rugendas II
Young Hunter with his Hounds propped over the Killed Game

Since for one of the best addresses worldwide, maybe the most experienced at all,
for the many-fold work of Johann Elias Ridinger the artistic surroundings
– the influencing predecessors as the influenced successors –
are naturally part of it.

Of course you will find Rugendas among the publications of the ridinger gallery, too.

“ … I was digging and I found you. I needed to tell you that your collection for whatever reason has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you … I’m not a collector, or I haven’t known myself to be … I was going to sell this (sheet), but I just may have discovered that I’m to keep this for whatever reason. Have you made a collector out of me … For all your devotion, hardwork … I thank you ”

(Mrs. D. H., June 17, 2002)