Franz Skarbina, Before Loggia dei Lanzi (Florence)

Florence. In front of Loggia dei Lanzi. On the crowded place – front right sale of drinks – quite in front left fine, open carriage and pair with a gentleman supporting the ladies boarding. Following to this two fully occupied stage-coaches dispatched to different directions. Wood engraving by O. J(ahyer) after Franz Skarbina (1849 Berlin 1910). (1876.) Inscribed: F. Skarbina / O. J. X, otherwise typographically in German as above. 6 × 7½ in (15.3 × 19 cm).

Gustav Bauernfeind, Court of Bargello Palace (Florence)

BACK: Court of the Florentine Bargello Palace. With the rich & famous armorial bas relief plaque decoration. Wood engraving after Gustav Bauernfeind (Sulz on the Neckar 1848 – Jerusalem 1904) for Adolf Closs in Stuttgart. (1876.) Inscribed: GBauernFeind (ligated) / A. Closs X. A., otherwise typographically in German as above. 8⅛ × 7 in (20.6 × 17.8 cm). – On both sides concluded text “Florentine Art”.

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