PerugiaBauernfeind, Gustav (Sulz on the Neckar 1848 – Jerusalem 1904). The Interior of an Etruscan Sepulchre near Perugia. View through the vestibule equipped with diverse utilities and religious symbols at the actual tomb. Wood engraving after B. (1876.) Inscribed: G. Bauernfeind., otherwise in German as before. 7¾ × 6 in (19.7 × 15.2 cm).

Gustav Bauernfeind, Etruscan Sepulchre/Perugia

Local text on both sides. – “Perugia … the most colossal of all Etruscan cities … once such a strong fortress that even Hannibal not dared to attack it after his great victory at Lake Trasimene.”

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„ danke für ihre sendung (Hogarth’s Superstition in Heath-Abdruck), die mich in bestem zustand erreicht hat. große freude, gefällt mir sehr gut … mit freundlichen sammlergrüßen “

(Herr W. K., 7. August 2015)