Albert Hertel, Via Flaminia in the Campagna di Roma

Via Flaminia in the Campagna di Roma. Landscape pregnant with thunder and lightning, on the road peasants + high-loaded hay wagon. On the right vista of the plain, in the background shiningly white cliffs looming. Toned wood engraving by F. Geigenmüller after Albert Hertel (“a true artistic relation to nature”, Thieme-Becker; 1843 Berlin 1912) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1876.) Inscribed: AH (ligated) / X. I. A. Cloß / F. Geigenmüller sc., otherwise typographically in German as above. 7¾ × 9⅝ in (19.8 × 24.4 cm). – Of marvelous chiaroscuro.

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(Mr. J. R. L., June 11, 2004)