Lindemann-Frommel, San Germano + Monte Cassino

Monte Cassino, San Germano and. At its foot the town. In front at the river laundry women. Wood engraving by W. Werkmeister after Karl Lindemann-Frommel’s drawing of 1874 (Markirch 1819 – Rome 1891) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1876.) Inscribed: Lindemannfr... 74. / A. Closs. X. I. W. Werkmeister, otherwise typographically in German as above. 5½ × 7⅜ in (14 × 18.6 cm). – Continuous local text on both sides on the artist paradises Subiaco and Civitella.

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“ … And I also received your wonderful documents on Charles Le Brun and the other wonderful images including the three-legged deer. Wonderful. Thank you so very much! … ”

(Mrs. S. W., October 21, 2008)