Antiochia – Cassas, Louis François (Azay-le-Ferron, Indre, 1756 – Versailles 1827). (Vue générale de la Ville Antioche.) View of Antiochia, under the Seleukides capital of Syria, “where the first larger parish of Christians outside Palestine was formed, where the name Christians was mentioned first … and where … Paul was ordained”. In the front grazing live stock on the banks of the Orontes. Etching by Antoine Michel Filhol (1759 Paris 1812), completed by Jean Baptiste Tilliard (1740? – Paris 1813). (1799.) Inscribed: Dessiné par L. F. Cassas. / Gravé à l’Eau-forte par Filiol. / Terminé par Tilliard. 11¾ × 18⅛ in (29.7 × 46.1 cm).

Painterly  sheet

Louis François Cassas, Antiochia (Syria)

in  splendidly  shining  impression  before  the  letter .

Filhol “educated himself under Née … especially in landscape. His sheets of this kind are of powerful effect and masterly in the perspective … Some of his etched sheets were … completed by others” (Nagler). – Untrimmed. – Really faint tidemark in the upper right corner barely perceptibly touching upon the sky part for c. 3-5 cm. The wide margin negligibly time-marked.

“ C. already early found the themes and the technique which dominate the work and are the foundation of his success: With documentary accuracy, yet at the same time with a great antenna for decorative effects and atmosphere he creates views of landscapes and towns, their life, events, costumes, and national customs … Foremost in the center of the work the representation of important architecture, however. In the desire for completeness and exactness C. is quite a contemporary of the encyclopedists. Corresponding to the interests of the clients and the audience he directs his particular attention to the architecture of antiquity … With few exceptions … as a matter of principle C. proceeds from his personal view and therefore starts with sketches, studies and surveys on the spot. The actual means of his representation then is a special technique of the watercolor characteristic of him, partly in very large formats. He works with animated, often dramatically intensified chiaroscuro and rich coloring. Additionally he still enhances the contour by black pen stroke so that also the pictorial watercolors are of great exactness in detail and sometimes have the effect of colored prints. The realization of these motifs in print frequently is intended from the beginning and made for a great part of his success … In the train of the French ambassador Choiseul Gouffier C. goes on his most important journey to the Orient … It reveals to C. the whole fascination of the Oriental world. C. takes the opportunity to extend this journey and become acquainted with the whole region of the Levant … The journey is C.’s biggest professional experience, it takes place under partly highly adventurous circumstances and leads him up to Egypt … After the return C. elaborates the immense yield of his Oriental expedition in Rome, presents the first results to the public, and creates a considerable sensation ”

(Uwe Westfehling, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XVII, 1997, 131).

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Der hiesige Weihnachts-/Neujahrsgruß 2005 endete mit „In diesem Sinne recht schöne Weihnachtstage voll Harmonie und sammlungszugewandter Muße … “ , letzterer Wunsch in einer Grußerwiederung aufgegriffen wurde mit den Worten

„ das Gutwort des Jahres – sammlungszugewandte Muße – wunderbar, hab einigen LBA/Goethefreunden dieses Gutwort genannt. Sie haben in einer verwahrlosten Zeit ein ‚linguistisches Gespür’! “

(Herr R. K., 5. Januar 2006)