Captioned also in English , French & Italian :

Wonderful Images of a Wonderful Country

Hamilton, Louis. Canada. (Landscape and Folk Life.) Berlin, Wasmuth, (1926). Large in-4. XXXV pp. With an outline map and

288 full-page plate-illustrations

in rotogravure, mostly oblong. Orig. cloth with damaged ill. wrapper in ditto slipcase.

ORBIS TERRARUM. – Text printed by Otto v. Holten, Bln., cover designed by F. H. Ehmcke. – Stamps on front cover, title & 9 plates. 2 plts. with slight fold, 1 with corner fold. Inner book slightly dog-eared on the lower right, the slipcase a little damaged. – The preface on discovery, history, and development of the country. The plates – with captions in English, French, German, and Italian – mostly displaying the width of the country, reaching from lonely rocky islands at the Atlantic over endless prairies & woods to the gigantic Rockies. In between urbane & industrial development and economical richness – lumbering with throughout differently instructive images of drifting (6) or, just so, fishing (11) – of the country. With hardly any folklore, but the illustration of a country on the edge to a great future.

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