Bacharach – Mannfeld, Bernhard (Dresden 1848 – Frankfort/Main 1925). Bacharach. Local view with Werner Chapel, St. Peter, Ruin Stahleck, and Postenturm. In the foreground the Elternstein (Ara Bacchi) visible during low water only. Etching. (1890.) Inscribed: Originalradierung von B. Mannfeld. / Druck v. L. Angerer. Berlin. / Verlag von Emil Strauss in Bonn., otherwise as above. 8 × 10⅞ in (20.4 × 27.6 cm).

“ Celebrated by the German romantic movement as embodiment of the elegiac ruin the Werner Chapel became the

most  precious  treasure  of  the  Middle  Rhine

… (and in its) moving antagonism of grace and decay, vulnerability and inertia it is irresistable till today ”

(Dieter Bartetzko in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of September 8, 2007).

Erected between 1287 and 1430 to the memory of the murder of the 16-year-old Werner from Oberwesel the Jews were charged with with the consequence of pogroms (cf. Heinrich Heine, The Rabbi of Bacharach) and 1689 partly destroyed by the French under Mélac during the Palatine War of Succession it survived the times sui generis, torso of a “precious masterwork of High Gothic”.

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