Brussels, Tabernacle in Ste Gudule’s Church. Tabernacle dans l’Église Ste Gudule, a Bruxelles. The richly carved tabernacle of the Gothic cathedral St. Gudule and St. Michael. With two figures. Color lithograph by François Stroobant (Brussels 1819 – Elsene 1916). Inscribed: 1851 F. S. / F. Stroobant del. et lith. / C. Muquardt, éditeur. / Imp. Simonau & Toovey, Brux., otherwise in French, German, and English as above. 12⅝ × 8½ in (32.1 × 21.6 cm).

François Stroobant, Tabernacle in Ste Gudule's Church, Brussels

Boetticher II/2, 855. – “Belgian architectural painter … known by works and drawings to art history, especially of his homeland. Several drawings he has lithographed himself.” So the present one, too.

The  most  important  sacred  building  of  the  city

housing beside the tomb of the younger brother of Rudolf II also St. Catherine’s Chapel, the painters’ chapel where i. a. Roger van der Weyden is buried, while in the choir on Oct. 22, 1555, the capital of the Order of the Golden Fleece elected Philip II of Spain to their Grand Master. It was part of the “Splendid zenith in the sequence of abdications (on behalf of Charles V) and inthronements” (Heinz Schilling)

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