“ The Famous Rood Screen
in St. Gommaire Church ”

Lierre, Screen in St Gommaire’s Church at. Jubé de l’Église St Gommaire a Lierre. The rich rood screen carved from light sandstone by the Mechelen sculptors François Mynsheeren (before 1534 – Mechelen 1565) and Jean Wisschavens III with representations of the Passion, evangelists, and the Early Fathers as well as the organ in the background. With figurines. Color lithograph by François Stroobant (Brussels 1819 – Elsene 1916). Inscribed: F. S. 1853 (in reverse) / F. Stroobant del. et lith. / C. Muquardt éditeur. / Imp. Simonau & Toovey., otherwise in French, German, and English as above. 13½ × 8¾ in (34.3 × 22.3 cm).

François Stroobant, Screen in St Gommaire at Lierre

Boetticher II/2, 855. – “Belgian architectural painter … known by works and drawings to art history, especially of his homeland. Several drawings he has lithographed himself.” So the present one, too.

“ François Mynsheeren … with Jean Wisschavens the master of

the famous rood screen of St. Gommaire Church in Lierre ”

(Wurzbach) of 1534, with a rood screen executed by them at Mechelen serving as model, however, spoilt manifold by restauration as Wurzbach deplores already in 1910. St. Gummarus itself a chief work of Brabantine Late Gothic and place of the wedding of Philip the Handsome with Joanna the Mad of Castile.

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