MechelnProut, Samuel (Plymouth 1783 – Camberwell 1852). Kraenstrate Maline. With figures before houses. Colored lithograph. C. 1830. Inscribed: SP (ligated, right outside on the stone beside the archway), otherwise as above. 16¾ × 12¼ in (42.5 × 31 cm).

The  magnificent  architectural  piece  here in the

de  luxe  edition  of  the  first  edition

Samuel Prout, Mecheln / Kraenstrate

mounted  on  china

in  the  fine  original  artist’s  or  publisher’s  coloring .

Prout , belonging to the pioneers of lithography in England, found his call 1818 on his first journey on the continent:

“ His eye readily caught the picturesque features of the architecture, and his hand recorded them with unsurpassed felicity and fine selection of line.

The  composition  of  his  drawings  was  exquisitely  natural ;

their colour exhibited ‘the truest and happiest association in sun and shade’; the picturesque remnants of ancient architecture were rendered with the happiest breadth and largeness, with the heartiest perception and enjoyment of their time-worn ruggedness; and the solemnity of great cathedrals was brought out with striking effect ”

(Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed. [1911]).

And already the contemporary Nagler qualified Prout’s architectural and landscape pieces as

“ a  splendid  decoration  under  glass  and  frame ”.

Some of Prout’s views then also inspired the parents of John Ruskin 1833 to the first lengthy tour on the continent, the landscape experience of which should have an enduring effect on the 14-years old. And by A Memoir of Prout in the Art Journal for 1849 Ruskin – as draughtsman and watercolor painter of especially architecture drawings himself “taking a high rank in the development of English watercolor painting” (Thieme-Becker) – will set just a memorial for Samuel Prout, who had become his model and friend, as by the Notes on the Fine Art Society’s Loan Collection of Drawings by Samuel Prout and William Hunt from 1879/80.

The mounting paper slightly browned and foxing, yet not affecting the China subject. Two small tears in the white margin backed from old.

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„ Ich bedanke mich für die schnelle und gründliche Art der Erledigung meiner Wünsche … “

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