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Döben Castle at Grimma

Grimma, Döben Castle at. (Saxon Highlands and Uplands.) View from the Mulde up to the castle, neglected since the end of the war and communist dispossession – continued after 1989 by the federal government – and finally blown up in the 1970s. Wood engraving after a photograph by F. Thiele in Leipsic at Hermann Gedan just there. (1886.) Inscribed: H. Gedan X. I. Leipsic, otherwise in German as above. 5¼ × 7¾ in (13.5 × 19.8 cm).

“ If temporally and financially it is not worthwhile to send special reporters … however, on the other hand the effort prevails to ‘illustrate all remarkable events by pictorial representation’, so (more and more it has to be resorted to copies) which are available in increasing numbers: photographs. Not only their more effortless availability, also the changed taste of the audience helped photography to growing importance in xylography …

Photography as new invention

becomes that interesting for the general audience that it puts its stamp on other traditional illustration techniques, too ”

(Osteneck, Zur xylographischen Darstellung im 19. Jahrhundert, in Lüneburger Beiträge zur Vedutenforschung, pp. 120 ff.).

Through which at the same time the previous “for ever recurrent stereotypy (of perspectives criticised by Osteneck) was avoided” and so only frequently rare places and details came into sight.

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