Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Bingen

Bingen – Bingerbrück – Lasinsky, Johann Adolf (Simmern 1808 – Dusseldorf 1871). Vue de Bingen. View of Bingen. Almost complete general view from the opposite bank of the Rhine into the Nahe Valley up to Drusus Bridge. On the left above the town the ruins of Klopp Castle. On the side of Bingerbrück above the bank of the Nahe larger estate. On the Rhine (sail)boat decoration among which two horses with their riders taking over. Far left Rhine rocks. Toned pen and ink lithograph. Inscribed: (Recorded from nature and lithographed by J. A. Lasinsky 1828. / Frankfort a/M. C. Jügel.), caption as above in German-French parallel text. 8⅞ × 11½ in (22.6 × 29.1 cm).

In  its  nervous  line  conduct  ahead  of  its  time ,

unmistakably, and instantaneously lithographed after own sketch, and thus “standing out highly advantageously from the leaves of much smaller size engraved after him by other artists … Lasinsky’s ‘sensibility, keenest power of observation, realistic study of nature, and talent for large wide landscapes’ have been praised” (Schulte 1969). – Remarkable point of view.

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„ danke für ihre sendung (Hogarth’s Superstition in Heath-Abdruck), die mich in bestem zustand erreicht hat. große freude, gefällt mir sehr gut … mit freundlichen sammlergrüßen “

(Herr W. K., 7. August 2015)