Johann Adolf Lasinsky, Boppard

Boppard – Lasinsky, Johann Adolf (Simmern 1808 – Dusseldorf 1871). Vue de Boppart. View of Boppard. General view of the town situated along the Rhine, seen from the loop downstream. Boat and figure accessories. Toned pen and ink lithograph. Inscribed: (Recorded from nature and lithographed by J. A. Lasinsky 1828. / Frankfort a/M. C. Jügel.), caption as above in German-French parallel text. 9 × 11½ in (22.8 × 29.3 cm).

In  its  nervous  line  conduct  ahead  of  its  time ,

unmistakably, and instantaneously lithographed after own sketch, and thus “standing out highly advantageously from the leaves of much smaller size engraved after him by other artists … Lasinsky’s ‘sensibility, keenest power of observation, realistic study of nature, and talent for large wide landscapes’ have been praised” (Schulte 1969). – Paper abrasions already originating from the first printing pass (drawing) and partly printed over by the tone plate at the lower image borderline including partial loss of the German title and on the left in the upper margin. There only in one case still 4 mm within the tone plate.

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also see Cloister Marienberg near Boppard

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