Richard Püttner, Seebach (Black Forest)

Seebach. Central view with the houses at the foot of the hill. On the left draw well, in front laundry women at the stony creek. Wood engraving by monogramist R. B. after Richard Püttner (Wurzen 1842 – Munich 1913) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. C. 1875/76. Inscribed: R. Püttner / R. B., otherwise as above. 7 × 6⅝ in (17.9 × 16.9 cm). – Decidedly painterly sujet of the place renowned for the “Edelfrauengrab”.

Ludwig Knaus, Peasant Girl from the Black Forest

BACK: Peasant Girl from the Black Forest. Three-quarter figure to the left. Wood engraving by Adolf Closs (1840 Stuttgart 1894, “then one of the best (xylographers) in Germany”, Thieme-Becker) after Ludwig Knaus (Wiesbaden 1829 – Berlin 1910). Inscribed: L. K. / A. Closs sc., otherwise in German as above. 5½ × 4½ in (14 × 11.5 cm). – Also see the pendant Peasant from the Black Forest. – Continuous local Black Forest text on both sides.

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