Meggenhorn Castle at Lucerne

Lucerne, Meggenhorn Castle at. The family with children playing battledore and shuttlecock. Wood engraving by Alfred Niedermann (1843 Zurich 1926) after Gustav Bauernfeind (Sulz on the Neckar 1848 – Jerusalem 1904) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1875-77.) Inscribed: GBfd (ligated) / Niedermann sc, otherwise typographically in German as above. 5½ × 7½ in (14 × 19 cm).

The "Hollow Lane" at Küssnacht

“ Through this ravine he needs must come …
Now , Gessler , balance thine account with Heaven !
Thou must away from earth , — thy sand is run …

“ Thou art my Lord , my Emperor’s delegate …
But not to wanton with unbridled will
In every cruelty , with fiend-like joy : —

There lives a God to punish and avenge ”

VERSO: The “Hollow Lane” at Küssnacht. View upwards at Gymnasium Immensee and Mission Bethlehem. Wood engraving as above, but by Carl Staud (Stuttgart 1847 – after 1894) after Ernst Friedrich Heyn (1841 Leipsic 1894). Inscribed: E Heyn. / A Closs X. I. C. Staud sc., otherwise typographically in German as above. 8¾ × 6 in (22.1 × 15.2 cm). – Continuous local text on Lucerne on both sides.

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