The  Wartburg

Home  to  Louis  the  Saint
Martin  Luther’s  Refuge


Wartburg (Near Eisenach from the South). Wood engraving after a photograph by G. Jagemann in Eisenach. (1886.) 6 × 8 in (15.3 × 20.3 cm).

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Bernhard Mannfeld, Court Yard of the Wartburg

Wartburg, Court Yard of the. Fountain and figures in the front. Etching by Bernhard Mannfeld (Dresden 1848 – Frankfort on the Main 1925). C. 1875. 8½ × 6⅛ in (21.5 × 15.5 cm).

Boetticher 88. – With printer’s address erased later. – Published by Alex. Duncker, Berlin, in 1878. – Painterly view in fine brownish tone.

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Looked  over  the  Artist’s  Shoulder

Wartburg Illustrations for a cigar box of a tobacco manufacturer in Hamburg or Bremen. 3 sheet on strong paper. C. 1920. With registration nos. by hand: C 454, a-c. – Very  fascinating  set  presented  especially  decoratively  in  a  mutual  passe  partout.


  1. Painterly detailed fine version as extensive palace on woody hilltop including the tower at the outer bailey, but not with the gate’s tower at the draw bridge. Pen and ink drawing in various brown tones and with fine contrast to the light clouding. With gilt tooled borderline, lower in double line with black inner edge. 4 × 6⅛ in (103 × 155 mm).

  2. The palace in outline on the hilltop styled as a tobacco leaf or cloud behind rose bouquet with gilt tooled lyre before. Behind all the beams of the rising sun. Pen and ink in brown. 2¾ × 4¾ in (70 × 120 mm).

  3. Palace with bailey’s tower on woody hilltop below clouds. Pencil with tripple rim in gold + black. Sketch for a) with prepared text field above. 4¾ × 4¼ in (120 × 107 mm).

Very  charming  set  –

and  presented  especially  charmingly  under  joint  passepartout .

See the complete description.

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Bary, Robert Eduard (1813 Dresden 1875). Wartburg. Part of the court yard. Pencil drawing. Inscribed: Wartburg 7 Octb. (1837). 6¾ × 8½ in (170 × 215 mm).

Robert Eduard Bary, Wartburg

AKL VII, 1993, 325; Thieme-Becker II, 587; Müller von Königswinter, Düsseldorfer Künstler, 42. – Sheet 5 of the 4th sketchbook, furthermore containing especially works from the Rhine and River Ahr of 1838, the time of his studies at Dusseldorf. – Since 1849 teacher, since 1853 professor at the Dresden academy.

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– – – Details of ruins dominated by pillars. Pencil drawing as above.

Sheet 7 of the sketchbook and most probably belonging to the Wartburg complex, too, guaranteed for sheet 3-5 while the 8th concerns already Bacharach on the Rhine what will not being suitable.

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– – – Architectural inside and outside details. Pencil as above. – Sheet 6.

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Showcase  Guild  Order


Charles Frederick of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach

Guild Order of Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach etc. (1783-1855), for the damask, twill and other weavers in the guild district of Remda (Stadtremda, Saxony-Weimar). Given Weimar September 19, 1845. Hand-written document on paper. Sm. fol. 6 unpag. ll., the last white. With

autograph  signature  by  Charles  Frederick

and written counter-signature by von Gersdorff as well as paper seal. Contemporary red h. leather portfolio of the time with gilt grand ducal supralibros on the front board and gilt ornamental border with corner pieces, stitched with black-golden cord and sealed.

Guild Order of Charles Frederick of Saxony-Weimar-EisenachDetailed  Guild  Order 

in execution of the guild act with the articles General Provisions – On the Apprentices – On the Journeymen – On the Guild Masters – On the Official Representatives, the Guild Directors, the Guild Assemblies and the Guild Treasury, explaining and supplementing the guild act in 22 so-called sentences, especially regarding the masterpieces, examination fees, and the sale.

“ (We have effected present Guild Order – with the express proviso for Us and Our successors in government to augment the same, or to lessen, or to give up entirely again, too – documentarily in Our very own hand and Our Grand Ducal public seal be attached.) ”

Leading edges slightly pushed, upper corner of the front cover ignorably broken, inner boards discolored at the margins, otherwise of fine freshness. – Illustrations.

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