Ireland, Koenigreich. With title-cartouches and notes in two further. Map of the kingdom by Friedrich Wilhelm Streit (Ronneburg, Thuringia, 1772 – Berlin 1839). Steel engraving colored in outline. 1836. 11⅜ × 9¾ in (29 × 24.7 cm).

With road net and local details. – Not quite fresh. A slight tidemark top left. – Still with Edinburgh.

Offer no. 14,414 | EUR 75. (c. US$ 91.) + shipping

Vdrone, Irlandiæ, In Catherlagh Baronia. With finely decorated title-cartouche incl. miles indicator. Colored map engraving 1 : 70,000 by Gerard Mercator I (Rupelmonde 1512 – Duisburg 1594). 13⅝ × 11⅛ in (34.7 × 28.2 cm).


Keuning 84; Koeman 89. – Posthumously published in 1595 and offered here from the 1630 Hondius edition, Koeman Me 29A. On the back the historical and geographic description in Latin. – See the complete description.

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Vltoniae Orientalis Pars. With finely decorated title-cartouche incl. miles indicator. Colored map engraving 1 : 500,000 by Gerard Mercator I (Rupelmonde 1512 – Duisburg 1594). 13⅞ × 15⅛ in (35.2 × 38.4 cm).

East Ulster

Keuning 83; Koeman 88. – Posthumously published in 1595 and offered here from the 1630 Hondius edition, Koeman Me 29A. – On the back the historical and geographic description in Latin. – Very fine map of the northeastern with Belfast and Dundalk. – See the complete description.

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Frederick William Burton, Sounds of Love (Harp)

Burton, Frederick William (1816 Corofin House on Inchiquin Lake, co. Clare, Eire, – London 1900). (Sounds of Love.) Lady playing the harp. Behind view into the garden with an ancient statue. Steel engraving by William French (c. 1815 – East Grinstead 1898). C. 1850. 7⅝ × 4¾ in (19.5 × 12 cm).

Already at the age of 21 associate, two years later fellow of the Royal Hibernian Academy, 1844 Burton travels to Germany for the first time. A stay of seven years in Munich (1851-56) is used for extensive studies in all important European galleries, too. Afterwards settling in London, Burton renounces his artistic work 1874 after the appointment as director of the National Gallery, the collection of which he enhances in the following 20 years by numerous important highlights of particularly early and old masters.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Great Irish Greyhound

The Irish Wolfhound ?

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Great Irish Greyhound. Attentively scenting big in lake landscape, standing to the left. Etching with engraving. (1738.) Inscribed: J. E. R. f. / N. 8., otherwise in German as above. 7¼ × 6 in (18.5 × 15.2 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 398. – Sheet 8 of the Design of Several Animals in its first edition with its strong laid paper. “These plates are much wanted and frequently copied” (Th. 1856). – Margins above & below 6-7 cm, laterally 1.7-2.6 cm wide. – Print of title & number weak. – At the upper edge still both the two original fine pricks.

According to Diane Marston, collaborator of the semi-annual publication Harp and Hound of the Irish Wolfhound Club of America, presumably the Irish Wolfhound. And Thienemann: “A fine hound, copied by Schreber vol. 3, pl. 87.”

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Jean Edouard Dargent, Enrolement in Ireland

Dargent, Jean Edouard (called Yan’Dargent, St.-Servais, Brittany 1824 – Paris 1899). Une Chasse à l’Homme en Irlande (Enrolement). Recruitment in the old manner. Here presumably for the union of the Fenians operating against London during the ’60s. At the crude table of the inn the closely packed groups talking politics unless they are not lying already under the same, being carried off or staggering on own feet into the night. Shortly, the state of a gay companionableness. Toned wood engraving by Jules Huyot (Toulouse 1841 – Eaubonne 1921). C. 1870. 8½ × 12½ in (21.7 × 31.6 cm).

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Dublin, St. George's Church

Dublin, St. George’s Church. Front view with figurines on the place in front. Steel engraving by R. Winkles after William Henry Bartlett (Kentish Town 1805 – Malta/Marseille 1854) for Fisher & Son, Ldn. 1829. 6½ × 4 in (16.5 × 10.3 cm).

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Wright, G. N. Ireland Illustrated, in a Series of Views, of Cities, Towns, Public Buildings, Streets, Docks, Churches, Antiquities, Abbeys, Towers, Castles, Seats of the Nobility, etc. etc. From Original Drawings, by G. Petrie, W. H. Bartlett, & T. M. Baynes. Engraved on Steel, under the direction of E. Goodall, etc. etc. With Historical & Topographical Descriptions. London, H. Fisher, Son, and Jackson, 1831. Sm. 4to. 2 ll. title + preface, 80 pp. With engraved illustrated title and

46 ( of 80 ) steel engravings

(c. 4⅜ × 6¼ in [11 × 16 cm]), mostly in oblong format, on 23 plts. Contemp. marbled h. calf with leather corners and green back-plate. Yellow edges.

Text complete and almost quite fresh. Most plates fresh or only a little marginal foxed, some more, and four really strong. Back a little rubbed, the covers with a negligible brown spot.

Offer no. 14,369 | EUR 205. (c. US$ 248.) + shipping

1736/39 Handel contemporarily set to Music
Dryden’s Famous Odes for St. Cecilia
Alexander’s Feast, or The Power of Musick
Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day
as Tributes to

The Patroness of Music


the Irish Harp

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). S. Cæcilia. Three-quarter figure of Saint Cecilia, looking at the beholder, in rich garment and turban-like head-dress, here with the harp as rarer attribute, adorned with martyr’s palm leaf + the head of an angel. Beside her an almost unclothed sympathetic young angel reading the notes. Mezzotint engraving. Inscribed: Ioh. El. Ridinger excud. A. V., otherwise as above within a large shell-cartouche in the lower margin. 20⅛ × 15¼ in (51.2 × 38.8 cm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, St. Cäcilie mit der Harfe

Stillfried (1876) 1420. – Not in Thienemann (1856) and with the exception of Counts of Faber-Castell (1958) here not provable elsewhere either. – Size variant unbeknownst to Schwarz (Collection Baron von Gutmann, 1910) who in doubt about the – by the one here now confirmed – size stated by Stillfried in the 3rd appendix to Thienemann queries his copy of 24¼ × 19½ in (61.5 × 49.5 cm) listed under the same number. – Tipped of old at the corners on especially wide-margined heavy laid paper touched by browning at two of the far edges. – With fine little paper margin throughout below and intermitted here and there at the sides, above trimmed to platemark.

The rich sheet in rarer composition

in the excellent copy regarding printing and conservation

of a cultivated collection of in all parts nuanced, shining chiaroscuro. And in such a manner of quite extraordinary rarity not only on the market as quoted above, but in general, too. Already in 1675 the expert von Sandrart numbered “clean prints” of the velvety mezzotint manner at only c. “50 or 60” (!). “Soon after (the picture) grinds off for it not goes deeply into the copper.” Correspondingly then Thienemann in 1856:

„ The mezzotints are almost not to be acquired on the market anymore …
and the by far largest part (of them) … (I have) only found (in the printroom) at Dresden. “

Not even there then the one here ,

becoming known and described for the very first time only 20 years later by Count Stillfried!

Having been made inventress of the organ by the legend, she is throughout the year and beyond the confessions the patroness of music, in particular of sacred music. And still in 1942 Benjamin Britten venerated her anew by the Hymn to St. Cecilia. Here then


Offer no. 28,402 | EUR 1738. | export price EUR 1651. (c. US$ 1996.) + shipping

„ vielen Dank für die Information und die Zusendung der Broschüre … Ich sammele seit Jahren Galeriewerke … Mir ist die Seltenheit des ‚Cabinet du roi‘ und auch die ensprechende Qualtät des angebotenen (fantastischen) Bandes bewußt … “

(Herr M. S., 23. Mai 2015)