in  Anthony  Peacock’s  Copy

Hogarth, The Works of William. With Descriptions, in which are pointed out many beauties that have hitherto escaped notice, with a Comment of their moral tendency, by the Rev. John Trusler. With

158  copper  plates

(subject size c. 6¾-7⅝ × 4½-6½ in [17-19.5 × 11.5-16.5 cm], upright and oblong) by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818, “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too”, Thieme-Becker), 32 of which together with his son. New, revised and corrected edition. 2 vols. London, J. Goodwin, 1827. 4to. 4 unpag. ll. title & biography, 151 pp.; title, 158 pp. Dark brown-red long-grained contemp. morocco on 3 ribs with rich gilt back incl. title, gilt linings on boards, leading edges, and inner boards, blind tooled boards, and brown inner boards & fly-leaves. Gilt edges.

William Hogarth, Beer StreetWilliam Hogarth, Gin Lane

With engraved armorial exlibris Anthony Peacock, Esq. / Rauceby, Co. Lincoln., with three peacock heads in light horizontal ribbon plus another peacock head above the helmet holding a rose in its bill, and the motto “Be just and fear not.” Representing an old respected family, Peacock (1811-1866) acquired the estate South Rauceby near Sleaford in Lincolnshire, comprising about 50 ha, 1841 and had a new hall built in the following years. 1851 he took the name of Willson in the course of inheritance.

The Works of William Hogarth

With 9½ × 11¾ in (24 × 30 cm) unusually wide-margined copy with the mostly complete platemarks, trimmed to platemark on one side at most. – The bindings somewhat timestained and namely at the joints and leading edges rubbed, on the boards light traces of scratches or rubbing. Two leaves of the biography with restored tear of 9 cm caused by the binding. The plates of namely the first volume mostly minimally to a bit foxing though, but even less on the face and ultimately almost negligible. Only the portrait frontispiece of the 1st volume more. The print quality itself marvelous with the already mentioned wide margins. The text – watermarked Rye Mill 1826 – of generally great freshness.

William Hogarth, Industry & Idleness: Goodchild Lord Mayor of London

The comprehensive descriptions of the plates set in fine large typography and in direct neighbourhood of these. Thus both together very comfortably.

William Hogarth, The PoliticianWilliam Hogarth, The Five Orders of Perriwigs

The series – with the exception of 5 signed and dated in the plate – was executed from 1806-09 as commented compact edition. The remark on the title to (Samuel) Davenport (Bedford 1783 – London 1867) as co-engraver correct at most in view of the few unsigned plates. One plate with the additional printer’s sign Bishop. This edition had been preceded by the large one in Hogarth’s original size as has never been repeated and was worked by Cook father alone between about 1795 and 1803. His importance as Hogarth-engraver specially stressed by Thieme-Becker. Several works not or not anymore published by Hogarth himself became known through him.

William Hogarth, Paul before Felix

The collection here pretending to be a complete edition – “The Works … containing one hundred and fifty-eight Engravings” – though not with the risk of such daring plates as Before and After or even Charity in the Cellar with its authentic high-ranking philanderers, published only by Baldwin & Cradock in 1837 in the large-sized original edition with the remark “added to our present edition … not to be found in any other of the collected works”. The patron of those plates besides Gustavus, the 2nd Lord Viscount Boyne, represented with a portrait in this edition. Shortly,

Hogarth  in  his  grandiose  plenty ,

William Hogarth, Southwark Fair

seductively  rich  stimulant  for  hours  aside  of  all  rush .

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The Works of William Hogarth/Exlibris Anthony Peacock

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