Too late the Healing Faculty arrives

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The Suicide of the Countess Squanderfield. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). Inscribed: Designed by W. Hogarth / Engraved by T. Cook / Published June 1st. 1797. by G. G. & J. Robinson. Pater-noster Row, London. 15⅛ × 18⅝ in (38.4 × 47.2 cm).

William Hogarth, The Suicide of the Countess Squanderfield (Cook)

Marriage à la Mode VI. – Of finest chiaroscuro and – contrary to all later Hogarth editions – in the original size. – Cook “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too” (Thieme-Becker). – The final plate of this

“ most beautiful painted satire of the century ”

(Dobson in Thieme-Becker).

Physician and apothecary come too late to bring help for madame. Receiving the broadsheet with The Gallows-Speech of Councillor Silvertongue she took the overdose laudanum bought by the poor servant who now is reproved by the apothecary while the doctor already retires “to make the honneurs to the soul before the front-door”. Because “vis à vis to a deceased, whom he wished to save, the best physician makes no good figure … (and so) the doctor sneaked off leaving to the less fine ear of the apothecary the mourners’ complains about our scanty knowledge and needless costs.”

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William Hogarth, Suicide of Countess Squanderfield (Marriage à la Mode VI; Rahl)

– – – The same in engraving by Carl Heinrich Rahl (Hoffenheim 1779 – Vienna 1843). (1818/23.) Inscribed:26. / Plate 6. 8¼ × 10½ in (21 × 26.7 cm).

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William Hogarth, Suicide of Countess Squanderfield (Riepenhausen)

– – – The same in engraving by Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen (1765 Göttingen 1840, university engraver there). Inscribed: 26. / W Hogarth inv. pinx. / R. del. sc. 9⅛ × 11⅛ in (23.2 × 28.3 cm). – Fine early impression. – Riepenhausen’s engravings after Hogarth (“very estimable”, Nagler) belong to his chief work and not least for being in the original direction they are partly even preferred to Hogarth’s own engravings. – Illustration.

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– – – The same by Riepenhausen as before, but on slightly toned minor paper.

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William Hogarth, Suicide of Countess Squanderfield (Marriage à la Mode VI; lithograph)

– – – The same in lithography by Ludwig Blau (Lauchstädt, Merseburg, 1808/10 – Leipsic 1899). (1833/36.) Inscribed: 12 / L. Blau lith. / Die Heirath nach der Mode 6tes. Blatt. 8¼ × 9 in (20.8 × 22.8 cm). – Extensive caption à la Lichtenberg in German.

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