“ … but  unfortunately ! ”

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). Rehearsal of the Oratorio of Judith. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). C. 1800. Inscribed as before as well as in the picture: Judith: an Oratorio; or sacred drama by. 7⅝ × 6¾ in (19.5 × 17.2 cm).

William Hogarth, Rehearsal of the Oratorio Judith (Cook)

Illustrations of Hogarth’s etching of 1732 see Hogarth catalogues Tate Gallery, 1971/72, 81 (with the receipt text of states 1 + 2) + Kunsthaus Zurich, 1983, 21 (without text settled from the 3rd state on of which just the “Rec(eive)d” remained), each with illustration. – Served as subscription ticket for the immortal gentlemen sujet A Midnight Modern Conversation.

Leading  character  of  this  capital  sheet  is the then conductor William von Fesch here practicing his oratorio Judith – with the text by William Huggins, both not only today forgotten since long – with the choir.

“ Hogarth … has given to all faces … so much expression that one cannot doubt for one moment how all make a point of winning satisfaction and applause of the audience … but unfortunately! ”


Very fine impression on strong paper. – In the white upper margin faint tidemark, left and below trimmed within the wide platemark. – Cook “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too” (Thieme-Becker).

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– – – The same in Cook’s smaller repetition. Subject size 6¾ × 5½ in (17 × 14 cm). – Trimmed within the wide white platemark that is slightly browned in its outmost parts.

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William Hogarth, Rehearsal of the Oratorio Judith (Rahl)

– – – The same in engraving by Carl Heinrich Rahl (Hoffenheim 1779 – Vienna 1843). (1818/23.) 8⅜ × 7⅜ in (21.3 × 18.6 cm).

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William Hogarth, Rehearsal of the Oratorio Judith (Riepenhausen)

– – – The same in engraving by Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen (1765 Göttingen 1840, university engraver there). 8 × 7¼ in (20.3 × 18.4 cm). – Riepenhausen’s engravings after Hogarth (“very estimable”, Nagler) belong to his chief work and not least for being in the original direction they are partly even preferred to Hogarth’s own engravings. – Fine early impression with light plate tone.

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William Hogarth, Rehearsal of the Oratorio Judith (Riepenhausen)

– – – The same by Riepenhausen as before, but on especially strong paper, supposedly about 1850. – Especially the wide upper as well as the left margin with traces of glue, the reverse isolated foxspots in the area of the wide platemark and white lower margin resp. barely noticeable on the front.

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William Hogarth, Rehearsal of the Oratorio Judith (lithograph)

– – – The same in lithography. (1833/36.) The Choir. Inscribed in German as before, above right erroneously “64.”. 8⅞ × 6 in (22.5 × 15.1 cm). – Marvelous impression of rich contrast with extensive caption in German à la Lichtenberg:

“ William von Fesch, former conductor in Antwerp … took all possible pains to gain this oratorio admission in London, but unfortunately the audience not only remained cool during the performance but even forced him to stop already in the middle what of course could not but cause the highest pains for a composer, especially if he has a high opinion of himself. ”

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„ vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung des Buches ‚Der Ahorn‘. Ich freue mich insbesondere, weil dieses Buch mein Opa geschrieben hat und es somit für mich eine große Bedeutung hat. Viele Grüße aus Berlin “

(Frau U. C., 7. Juni 2004)