Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The Lottery. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). Inscribed: Painted by W. Hogarth. / Engrav’d by T. Cook. / Pubd.. Feb. 1-1803 by G. & I. Robinson, Paternoster-row, London., otherwise as above and below resp. 14½ × 13½ in (36.9 × 34.4 cm).

William Hogarth, Lottery (Cook)

Instructive representation, not omitting the calculability of luck :

“ The Explanation. 1. Upon the Pedestal National Credit leaning on a Pillar supported by Justice. 2. Apollo shewing Britannia a Picture representing the Earth receiving enriching Showers drawn from herself (An Emblem of State Lotterys.) 3. Fortune Drawing the Blanks & Prizes. 4. Wantonness drawing ye. Numbers. 5. Before the Pedestal Suspense turn’d to & fro by Hope & Fear. 6. On one hand Good Luck being elevated is seized by Pleasure & Folly Fame pursuading him to raise sinking Virtue Arts &c. 7. On the other hand Misfortune opprest by Grief Minerva supporting him points to the Sweets of Industry 8. Sloth hiding his head in ye. Curtain 9. On the other side Avarice hugging his Money 10. Fraud tempting Dispair with Money at a Trap Door in the Pedestal. ”

Otherwise that lottery “in which the March to Finchley (against the rebels under Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie or The Young Pretender and dedicated by Hogarth to Frederick II of Prussia) was disposed of as already mentioned in the explanation to that sheet …”. The painting was won by Captain Coram, founder of the Foundling Hospital. – Explanatory caption. – Impression of very fine chiaroscuro on strong paper. In its downright luxurious wide white margin right outside two feeble water marks. – Cook “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too, whose complete work he has engraved in copy” (Thieme-Becker) and whose original format he maintained contrary to all later Hogarth editions in his first, earlier edition. For some sheets not published by Hogarth himself Cook became their first engraver, just as he also gained approval of a contemporary connoisseur as Maximilian Speck von Sternburg.

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William Hogarth, Lottery (Cook small)

– – – The same in Cook’s popular later, smaller version. Inscribed: Hogarth pinxt. / T. Cook sculpt. / Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, & Orme, March 1st. 1808., otherwise as above. Subject size 5⅛ × 6¾ in (13 × 17.2 cm). – Slightly time-marked impression trimmed within the wide white platemark.

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„ Herzlichen Dank für Ihre freundlichen und aufschlussreichen Ausführungen, die mir die Beschreibung des vorliegenden Exemplars sehr erleichtern. Schön wärs natürlich, wenn sich Ihre vielfältigen Kenntnisse zum Werk Ridingers vielleicht als Artikel, oder Artikelserie, im Aus dem Antiquariat oder einer Bibliophilen-Zeitschrift einem breiten interessierten Publikum zur Kenntnis gebracht werden könnten … Ich würde mich jedenfalls sehr darüber freuen, Expertenwissen aus erster Hand zu erhalten. “

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