Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The five orders of Perriwigs as they were worn at the late Coronation measured Architectonically. Architectural construction of an orderly periwig, shown by 23 explained examples. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). Inscribed: Designed by W. Hogarth. / Engraved by T. Cook. / London Published by G. G. & J. Robinson Paternoster Row April 1st. 1800., otherwise as above and below resp. 13⅞ × 9½ in (35.3 × 24 cm).

William Hogarth, Five orders of Periwigs (Cook)

“ Advertisement. In about Seventeen Years will be completed, in Six Volumns, folio, price Fifteen Guineas, the exact measurements of the Perriwigs of the ancients; taken from the Statues, Bustos & Base Relievos, of Athens, Palmira, Balbec, and Rome, by Modesto Perriwig-meter from Lagado. N.B. None will be Sold but to Subscribers.

“ Least the beauty of these Capitals should chiefly depend as usual, on the delicacy of the Engraving, the Author hath Etched them with his own hand. ”

Contrary to all later Hogarth editions in his original folio format. Cook “made his mark as Hogarth engraver, too” (Thieme-Becker). – On the right trimmed within the wide white platemark.

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William Hogarth, Five Orders of Perriwigs (Cook small)

– – – The same in Cook’s smaller repetition. Inscribed: The Five Orders of Perriwigs. / Hogarth pinxt. / T. Cook sculpt. / Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, Jany. 1st. 1809. Subject size 6¾ × 5⅜ in (17.2 × 13.7 cm). – Trimmed within the wide white platemark. – Without Hogarth’s Advertisement.

Offer no. 8,996 / EUR  118. (c. US$ 143.) + shipping

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