William Hogarth, Boys peeping at Nature II

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). (Boys Peeping at Nature.) Subscription ticket for Paul before Felix and Moses brought to Pharaos Daughter. Three putti of which one holds a plate with the design of a portrait, together partly covering the anyway dressed lower half of the statue of many-breasted Nature the two others paint and engrave in copper resp. Engraving. (1751.) Inscribed with multi-lined receipt text. 6 × 5 in (15.1 × 12.6 cm).

Bindman, Hogarth and his Times, 37b with ills. – Pictorial variant to the original state of the 1731 subscription ticket for The Harlots Progress without the faun raising Nature’s skirt and here present in an impression on strong paper from the plate retouched by the royal engraver James Heath (1757 London 1834) about 1822 (“Even these impressions have become relatively rare today though”, Art Gallery Esslingen 1970; and Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed., VIII [1888], 625: “A fine edition”, esteemed also already by contemporary collectors of the rank of for instance an A. T. Stewart [Catalog of the Stewart Collection, New York 1887, 1221, “fine plates”]) and without the volume/chapter designations of the earlier editions.

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„ … Die (vom Schwiegervater geerbten Par force-Jagd) Ridinger … habe ich in meinem Arbeitszimmer bestens neben einem Gobelin plaziert und möchte sie nicht mehr verkaufen. Besten Dank und ein Kompliment an Ihr Haus, dass Sie nach so vielen Jahren noch an mich gedacht haben “

(Herr K.-A. H., 2. Februar 2004)