Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The Right Honble. Jas. Caulfield Earl of Charlemount of the Kingdom of Ireland Head of the Volunteers. Half-length portrait to the left. Etching by Joseph Haynes (Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 1760 – Chester 1829). Inscribed: Pubd. as the Act directs Mar. 19th. 1782, otherwise as above and below resp. 9½ × 7⅛ in (24.2 × 18 cm).

William Hogarth, James Caulfeild, Earl of Charlemont

“ From an original Portrait by Hogarth in the Possession of Mr. Saml. Ireland,
etched by Josh. Haynes Pupil to the late Mr. Mortimer. ”

James Caulfeild, 4th Viscount and since 1763 1st Earl of Charlemont, (1728-1799), son of James Viscount Charlemont, became commander in chief of the Irish Volunteers in 1780. Equally important, however, as collector of paintings, sculptures, and books of which he sent home a large number already during his Grand Tour 1746-55, and patron of the arts. In 1785 he became first president of the Royal Irish Academy.

Impression on strong paper from the plate retouched by the royal engraver James Heath (1757 London 1834) about 1822 (“Even these impressions have become relatively rare today though”, Art Gallery Esslingen 1970; and Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed., VIII [1888], 625: “A fine edition”, esteemed also already by contemporary collectors of the rank of for instance an A. T. Stewart [Catalog of the Stewart Collection, New York 1887, 1221, “fine plates”]).

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