William Hogarth, Foundling Hospital (steel engraving)

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The Foundlings. The institute established by Captain Coram before which he himself figures with servant, mothers and not least numerous children. Steel engraving about 1840. Inscribed: Das Findelhaus., otherwise as above. 5 × 7¾ in (12.7 × 19.6 cm).

Interesting with respect to the things the children hold in their hands as symbols of their future professions as plummet, trowel, spinning-wheel, model sheet, broom, mathematical instruments. Several already in sailor’s dress and waving at nearby ships. – Due to the paper faintly browned. – Above right in the subject a few inconspicuous small faint fox spots.

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“ Thank you Mr. Niemeyer, The prints (you have delivered two weeks ago) are being framed right now. My framer is very particular (works for the National Gallery … ) and I am having a perfect frame made for the large Ridinger (the imperial stag hunt Th. 67). Best regards ”

(Mr. J. R. L., November 19, 2003)