William Hogarh, The Indian Emperor

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). The Indian Emperor. Or the Conquest of Mexico (John Dryden’s, 1637-1700); Act 4, Scene 4. As performed in the year 1731 at Mr. Conduit’s, Master of the Mint, before the Duke of Cumberland &c. Engraving by Robert Dodd (1748-1818). Inscribed: Painted by Wm. Hogarth. / Engrav’d by Robt. Dodd. / From the original Picture, in the Collection of Lord Holland. / Publish’d Jany. 1. 1792, by J. & J. Boydell, Cheapside, & at the Shakspeare Gallery Pall Mall., otherwise as above. 18⅜ × 23¼ in (46.7 × 58.9 cm).

Hogarth Catalogue Tate Gallery, 1971/72, 41 (the painting of 1731/32) with ills. – The play usually enacted in the house of the directing John Conduitt here as children theatre at St. James’s Palace before the little ones of the royal family and their entourage, among which the Duke of Cumberland. – Somewhat palish impression on strong paper from the plate retouched by the royal engraver James Heath (1757 London 1834) about 1822 (“Even these impressions have become relatively rare today though”, Art Gallery Esslingen 1970; and Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed., VIII [1888], 625: “A fine edition”, esteemed also already by contemporary collectors of the rank of for instance an A. T. Stewart [Catalog of the Stewart Collection, New York 1887, 1221, “fine plates”]).

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„ Danke für den wunderbaren (Ridinger-)Scan … der meine Argumentation zur Verwechslung in der Staffierung der Porzellane dokumentarisch bestens belegt. Darf ich um Ihre Zustimmung bitten, ihn in meiner Arbeit zeigen zu dürfen? “

(Herr J. R., 7. Juni 2004)