Making  Money  the  simple  Way


The  Spitting  of  a  Money  Machine

Hogarth, William (1697 London 1764). Some of the Principal Inhabitants of ye Moon, as they Were Perfectly Discover’d by a Telescope brought to ye: Greatest Perfection since ye. last Eclipse; Exactly Engraved from the Objects, whereby ye: Curious may Guess at their Religion Manners, &c. (Royalty, Episcopacy and Law.) Engraving. Inscribed with text before. 10⅝ × 12 in (27.1 × 30.4 cm; subject size 9⅝ × 7⅜ in [24.5 × 18.6 cm]).

William Hogarth, Some of the Principal Inhabitants of the Moon

On a platform above the clouds as raised center figure the pope who lets

the  money  machine  spit

by means of a prayer book – and thus demonstrating how even words can be turned into riches. At his right the monarch – his head being either a crown-piece or a guinea – receiving the moon ball as fief, additionally with symbols of fine arts. Enthroned on the left as the third of the alliance the law as the personified sword, not least a protector of prosperity figuring at its feet. Further two warriors and servants of the Lord. All by the way faceless.

Impression on strong paper from the plate retouched by the royal engraver James Heath (1757 London 1834) about 1822 (“Even these impressions have become relatively rare today though”, Art Gallery Esslingen 1970; and Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed., VIII [1888], 625: “A fine edition”, esteemed also already by contemporary collectors of the rank of for instance an A. T. Stewart [Catalog of the Stewart Collection, New York 1887, 1221, “fine plates”]). – Trimmed below in the extremely wide platemark.

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– – – The same. Engraving by Thomas Cook (c. 1744 – London 1818). (1806-09.) Inscribed with the text above. Sheet size 10¾ × 8¼ in (27.3 × 21 cm).

William Hogarth, Some of the Principal Inhabitants of the Moon (Cook)

Trimmed within the somewhat foxing or time-stained wide white platemark.

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