William Hogarth

1697 London 1764

Industry & Idleness

William Hogarth, The Industrious ’Prentice Lord Mayor of London
The Industrious ’Prentice Lord Mayor of London (Industry & Idleness XII)

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by various engravers & editions
  1. The Industrious Prentice performing the Duty of a Christian
  2. The Idle Prentice at Play in the Church Yard, during Divine Service
  3. The Industrious Prentice a Favourite, and entrusted by his Master
  4. The Idle Prentice turn’d away, and sent to Sea
  5. The Industrious Prentice out of his Time and Married to his Master’s Daughter
  6. The Idle Prentice return’d from Sea, & in a Garret with a common Prostitute
  7. The Industrious Prentice grown rich, & Sheriff of London
  8. The Idle Prentice betray’d by his Whore, & taken in a Night Cellar with his Accomplice
  9. The Industrious Prentice Alderman of London, the Idle one brought before him & impeach’d by his Accomplice
  10. The Idle Prentice Executed at Tyburn
  11. The Industrious Prentice Lord Mayor of London

„ das Paket kam heute morgen gut behalten hier an. Haben Sie vielen Dank. Das Blatt gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut … “

(Herr A. L., 11. März 2011)