Joseph Georg Wintter, Stag to the right

A Newly Discovered Little Preciousness

Wintter, Joseph Georg (1751 Munich 1789). Stag to the right. Ten-pointer trotting jauntily before wood preserve on the left. Etching. Inscribed: JG (ligated) Wintter. inv et feit (?; fecit) 1784. 2⅞ × 3¼ in (7.2 × 8.2 cm).

Niemeyer 14. – Trimmed to platemark, yet delicate white little margin between this and the subject edge. – Marvelous contemporary impression reflecting smallest editions of this

hitherto here not known , pictorially very beautiful work

belonging to the series Various Small Hunting Pieces, Heads of … of at least 12 small-sized sheets from the years 1776-1786 Niemeyer 3-14 and Nagler 21 (“1784, in 8 [octavo] and 12 [duodecimo]”) resp. Already missing in the posthumous 44-sheet omnibus edition from not before 1821.

As then also Weigel attested the early consummate 1857 on occasion of the here otherwise not provable 137-sheet complete edition per lot 21336 of his art stock catalog:

“ Most sheets very rare .”

Wintter was Electoral-Bavarian court and hunt engraver and member of the electoral academy at Dusseldorf and was promoted 1787 even court chamber councilor as

rare “ (a)mong those numerous court and independent artists

of the Electoral Palatinate-Bavarian court ”

(pope of forest cameralists Wilhelm Gottfried von Moser, b. 1729, from the “famous family of cameralists” [Heß in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie] 1788 in the Forst-Archiv [IV, 280 ff.]).

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„ Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Objekt, dem Versand und auch mit der sorgfältigen Verpackung. Danke! “

(Herr N. B., 3. Januar 2003)