1784 Munich 1852

Established 1805 (Winkler[1]; Lutterotti: 1807[2]) together with the brothers Dall’Armi “the first lithographic printing shop in Rome” (Winkler), is in 1809 promoted 1st lithographer and later inspector of the Lithographic Institute of the Royal Bavarian Privy Council set up by his stepfather and first teacher Mettenleiter. 1830 second voyage to Italy.

Raphael Wintter, Animal Drawings for Landscape Furnishing
Raphael Wintter
Animal Drawings for Landscape Furnishing

Thematically close to the work of his father Joseph Georg W. he followed his very own talent, with the contrary to his lithographs – “mostly belonging to the first period of the invention of this art” (Nagler[3]: quite numerous; Ferchl: 140 sheet[4]) – scantier work of etchings standing out by its fine quality:

“ devoted himself with preference to animal painting … also occupied himself … with lithography … his drawings … are held in just as high esteem by the connoisseurs as his etchings. Also ingenious lithographic sheets of him are to be found ”


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